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CSI: Miami – what has become of you?

September 22, 2004 Leave a comment Go to comments

while i wait for these images to render (btw, most of the idea for this monastery i’m working on came while sitting in services on rosh hashanah…) i’m visiting random blogger pages. i have never seen such a plentitude of shitty writing before! technology has really enabled all the dumbasses of the world to influence other dumbasses, further increasing the dumbass epidemic. apparently all blogs created by your average high schooler meditate on death, hating one’s self, and the inability to create coherent sentences by using fragmentted grammar and an overabundance of characters. like~omg~~~~!!!!!!! jkjkjk…&&&^~

and since it’s now 4:50a, i feel its a good time to share my mourning for CSI:Miami. not just for Speed, who was killed on the season premiere (it doesn’t matter that that’s the first time i learned his name – no names are important on that show except for ‘horatio’) – i guess he wanted a raise. but also for the show itself. i’ve noticed a steady decrease in the quality of writing. the season premiere was so blah – woopdeedoo: a main character got killed off, the medical examiner nearly broke her rule for not boning dead people, and the main suspect turned out innocent. but it was uninvolved – the main suspect never cried that her husband was murdered, and when her son was found, she just picked him up at the police station and happily traipsed out the door. where’s the emotion, man?! emotion doesn’t mean having the characters appear scentimental by stoically accepting Speed’s death, or maybe crying. there’s no character development anymore! it’s just murder murder murder, which would be totally fine if the story was well written. but CSI doesn’t lead investigations in reality like they do in this show; they don’t have power like they do on this show; they don’t drive hummers like they do in this show; and they certainly don’t have awesomely kick-ass offices like they do in this show. i’d forgive all these small/major things (as i used to) if they’d just make the stories good again. they’re falling victim to their own success: brand dilution…CSI: Las Vegas, Miami, NY – there just aren’t enough good stories to go around…

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