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April 19, 2004 Leave a comment

i just installed yahoo messenger which lets me broadcast a webcam! woohoo! if you desire to look at my beautiful face, IM me on yahoo, my id is herod2221. one of these days i’ll figure out how to broadcast directly to this page.

the government knew about dangerously high levels of lead in the wash.dc. water, but did nothing about it for years. sure, the government is looking out for our welfare. just another reason to seek higher standards from our buildings as well

i don’t know if i mentioned it here before, but i hate the long island is an efficiently unpleasant experience using outdated 30 yr. old trains that frequently break. don’t even get me started about penn station.

i didn’t like this animation the first time i saw it, b/c i thought it was a cheap rip on the matrix.but it’s actually pretty on target – i started buying free range grain fed meat from whole foods yesterday.

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my music library

April 18, 2004 Leave a comment

here is my music library, in excel format. this is specifically for sahil, but all may feel free to partake in the joy that is my music. do not be put off by the fact that the first artist is “weird al”, its just b/c of the quotation marks in his name and is no indication of my entire collection – all 3736 songs of it.

also, if any of you have any idea how to post a link from a webcam to a website, let me know. i have a webcam, but i have no idea how to broadcast it (unless i’m in yahoo messenger – AIM and MSN messengers don’t want to work).

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line bathrooms with lead!

April 18, 2004 1 comment

i put it to you that all bathrooms should be lined w/ lead, disallowing any sort of telephone conversation while your friend is ‘dropping brown’. taking the phone into the bathroom when you pee is a stretch, when you’re taking a shit – that’s just wrong. maybe phones should have a shock feature, kind of like warning on AIM – your friend takes you into the bathroom, you shock the shit (perhaps literally) out of him. maybe he’ll pee all over the place. that’s pretty good negative reinforcement for stupid behavior.

just installed yahoo messenger. it has a webcam feature, which is fun. maybe i’m an exhibitionist, but i love watching myself on the camera window when i work. install yahoo messenger, and watch me if you want. my id is herod2221.

music in heavy rotation: muse (origin of symmetry); air (talkie walkie); squarepusher (big loada). it would be preferable, of course, to buy any of this music through apple’s itunes store if it’s available. also, the shuffle feature on the ipod is god’s gift to music. so are klipsch speakers.

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man, what a week.

April 17, 2004 Leave a comment

man, what a week. let’s start w/ last weekend – drove to dallas thursday night to visit w/ cindy’s parents and see a doctor, but all is ok. on friday morning, following the doc appt., we went test driving w/ cindy’s mom in the infiniti g-35. awesome car – my dad already has one, so i knew what was up. love that thing. but the salesman, as all salesman are required to be, was an ass, and lost the sale by not negotiating at all. granted, they seemed to have an amazing service dept., which was his selling point, but hey – there has to be some negotiation in a car sale.

following that, we went for lunch at the pancake house (not IHOP), where cindy and i, observing passover etiquette (i guess only partially, as were weren’t really eating at a kosher place, but whatever), ate no pancakes or waffles. the biggest egg white omelette i’ve ever seen was served to us, alongside some of the worst grilled salami and potato pancakes ever. you know, potato pancakes aren’t supposed to be mushy. they’re supposed to be crispy, crunchy, soft in the middle, but not mushy. it was like slop – porridge slop hidden inside a deep fried case. yuck.

we go home, where i proceed to answer cindy’s parents long held tech questions. they seem to make a list of questions for when i come to visit. unfortunately, i couldn’t help too much this time around – cindy’s mom bought some silly software that allows you to create ringtones for your wireless phone. that’s fine, but this software sucked, and after 2 hours i finally gave up.

here’s where it gets good – we then went out to dinner, but i noticed cindy’s dad’s car had a flat. so we went to a gas station to fill it w/ air, found a nail in the tire, then went across the street to firestone so they could fix it. tire’s fixed, we get on the road to dinner when cindy’s dad notices his phone is missing. is it at firestone? nope. must be at the gas station. is it there? nope. i call the phone, and some guy picks up – uh hello? yeah, you have my phone. oh, i picked it up at a gas station. yeah it’s mine, where are you? oh, i’m really really far away from you. well, where can we meet so i can pick it up? oh, in the bad area of town where all the hookers and drug dealers hang out. umm, that doesn’t sound so good – how about you drop it off at the gas station where you took it from? conversation ensues – but actual conversation. her dad finds out that the guy is a cable installation guy, and they’ve been thinking about high speed internet. a deal is reached whereby this guy will provide cheap cable installation in return for the phone.

dinner was good, but we left and picked up finding nemo at blockbusters – the best movie perhaps ever. i had meant to bring it w/ me, but left it on my bed. her parents had never seen it, so, as is my duty regarding pixar movies, i required the uninitiated to view the movie. as we leave blockbuster, there’s a lady collecting huge bags of bread outside panera bread company. i figured she worked at panera, so i asked her what they were doing w/ all the bread – assuming it would go to charity. well, it turned out she was the charity worker collecting the bread, and she proceeded to talk our ears off for 5-10 min about what they do. ok, guys – slowly back away towards the car.

the following day after some more computer stuff, cindy and i (and nathan the doggie) packed up and headed back to austin. we encountered one of the fiercest storms i’ve ever hit while driving. there was a 5 car pileup w/ a turnover. many others skidded off the road. lots of bad stuff. but the worst for me was that my car started leaking. yup, suddenly water started pouring on to cindy from the light above the passenger visor. that explained how my car flooded the previous week during another intense rainstorm. we made it home ok, and got to work. i left my car out in the intense rain (which didn’t let up all night), to discover a 1/2 inch pool of water inside my car the next morning. just a little pissed off. DON’T BUY VOLKSWAGEN! i have a golf, and though i haven’t had any major problems w/ it in the 2 years i’ve had it, i haven’t been overwhelmed by the car, and have a lot of friends who have had major problems w/ their volkswagens.

so the week was spent doing studio work and other school stuff, but most excitingly, working to complete work for the first major deadline of the Solar Decathlon. if i haven’t mentioned it before, the US DOE holds a competition for universities to design and build a solar powered house on the national mall. the first one was in 2002, the next one (which we’re working on now) is in 2005. for april15, we were required to post at least 5 pages on our website and have project summary#1 sent in. we have basically the same info in the summary as on the website, so we have lots of info on our website. the three of us on the publicity committee (with some help from our design correspondent in el paso 😉 ) stayed up till 6:30a april15 pulling it all together, then came back and worked from 11-5p. it looks great, but we’re still trying to figure out how to get images inside the text on the site (flash site using text files to load text, getting the images alongside the text this way is different from a normal website, and we’re pretty new to flash). i spend 5 hours yesterday trying to figure it out, and i think somebody on the macromedia discussion board just showed me how, so i can’t wait to get it going.

check out the UTSolarD site, it’s going to be updated all the time, and of course by sept.2005 will be a veritable smorgasbord of information and images.

and if any of you know of good ways to submit your sites to search engines, or of good site trackers, let me know.

the ka’s evil twin

April 14, 2004 Leave a comment

there is so much to update, but i won’t have time till the weekend. in the meantime, please amuse yourself with this wonderful little video about curiosity and cats.

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federal graphic design

April 11, 2004 Leave a comment

it will be another all-niter, but at least the government provides amusement.

also, lost in translation is the best movie of the last six months.

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Ergonomic Onanism

April 11, 2004 Leave a comment

thanks to for finding ikea’s attempt at making computer porn easier to deal with.

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Bush admin believes mercury is made of flowers and kittens!

April 7, 2004 Leave a comment

small video for all who attended seder: a flock of crazed seagulls. sorry for poor image quality, but the audio is what counts.

and thanks to anne-marie and ben (and jenny for the brisket) for hosting a great second seder.

and dammit if the bush administration isn’t trying to kill us all for a cheap buck. why won’t anyone act on their own common sense until science backs us up? White House Minimized the Risks of Mercury in Proposed Rules, Scientists Say

fill out this email to the EPA to protest the Bush administration’s lax enforcement of scientific evidence and to institute more stringent anti-mercury measures.

and one more thing: in case you were unaware, I FUCKING HATE ALLERGIES!

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on the first night of seder…

April 6, 2004 Leave a comment

first night of seder was groovy. 15 people piled into cindy’s house, for a veritable gourmet dinner. everything was hand made – potato kugel, spinach dish, maror, charoset, salad dressing, chocolate cake, pear cobbler, the list goes on. we had to run out during dinner to buy some more wine, but on the whole, it was a superb seder. probably about 10 of the 15 attending were either not jewish or had no idea really what was going on, so to get everyone involved we did some of the songs in english, or just had everybody yelling ‘cha cha’ at specific points. muy bien.

on a different happy kenny front, my design, w/ a little help from marc, was chosen as the 2005 solar decathlon logo! yay! now on w/ the website construction!

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