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another day, another blog theme

July 31, 2006 Leave a comment

i really don’t like many of the available themes provided on wordpress, which is why i’m always changing it up.  this one allows a custom header, so sometime this week i’ll create some image that can display a header title better than this image does.

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battlestar galactica is video-speak for crack

July 30, 2006 Leave a comment

have you ever watched battlestar galactica? i’ll be the first to say that it’s fantastic – probably some of, if not, the best tv on right now. definitely one of the best series i’ve ever seen. once i started watching back in march, i spent just about any available moment watching. when i watched the pilot episodes (almost 4 hours), i couldn’t stop and had to watch a few of the first episodes. that was at 2am w/ work the next day. luckily i gained an ounce of self-control and managed to restrain myself thereafter to one video per day, to be watched on the 50 min train ride home from work.

i have now finally managed to get my lady to watch. she agreed to watch it a long time ago, but didn’t really have the time until 2 days ago to start watching. and so with the surge of adrenaline that comes with the knowledge that you’re about to create an addict and a perpetual client, i got m’lady to watch the pilot episodes of battlestar galactica. due to the nature of galactica, i knew that just watching the pilots wouldn’t be enough – noooo, i knew she’d have to have more. i loaded the entire season1 onto my computer as well. and i was right – the only words that came out of her mouth during the entire viewing were: “this is really good” (after watching for 2 hours), and “i want to watch more” (as soon as the pilot was over, at about 1am).

upon waking up yesterday morning, we ate breakfast and went right back to bed to watch just about the entire season. we sat through 10 episodes yesterday, all back to back. my eyes felt like they were melting out of my head by the time we finished at 8p. i don’t think i’ve watched that much tv in about 10 years. do you know how dumb you feel after watching that much video, regardless of how good it is? i figured the best way to refresh myself was by reading, but as that wasn’t going to happen on a saturday night, i went w/ the second best option: 1.5 glasses of yellowtail merlot, 1 michilada at vivo’s, 4 drinks of bourbon whisky on the rocks. yeaahhhh.

the lady will be back from her daytrip to houston by around 9ish. we’ll watch the last 2 episodes of season 1 then. and surely the start of season 2 immediately after… 🙂

oh – and i’m a total moron for not having caught this (though my future mrs. picked up on it right away) – commander adama! the word adama in hebrew means ground, or earth. the remnants of humanity in this show are searching for the mythical Earth to be their new home. how many other nuggest are hidden in this show that i’ve missed?

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apple airport express #2

July 30, 2006 Leave a comment

i bought an airport express pretty much the day it came out, some 2 years ago. it was (and still is) such a wonderful answer to the issues plaguing my home office. whenever i would bring my laptop home, i’d have to plug it into the ethernet cord, the speakers, the printer, the power cord, and the usb hub. that’s a lot of wires – it was ugly and kind of annoying. though the airport express couldn’t fix everything, it did a darn good job.

the airport express is a wireless access point – you plug in your ethernet cable and it makes good ol’ wifi (both 802.11 b and g flavors). it also allows you to keep a pair of powered speakers plugged into it, as well as a usb printer. itunes then streams your music through the airport express and through the speakers – so you could effectively be anywhere w/in wireless range of the airport express and listen to your music through speakers w/o having to plug them into the computer. the printing works the same way. it was absolutely fantastic.

i’ve moved twice since i bought that airport express, and my house is now larger than my studio apartment was. i therefore bought another airport express this week (w/ an apple giftcard – awesome present!) to extend the range of my wireless network, as well as to provide two wireless speaker points. so now i have wireless speakers in the office, and will (one of these days) have a set of speakers in the living room. that will rock for parties, as well as for watching movies (airfoil from rogue amoeba allows you to stream any audio over your airport express, not just itunes as per apple’s restrictions. the software costs $25 – a bit high in my opinion, but a great app nonetheless. mac and windows flavors).

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the magic number

July 30, 2006 Leave a comment

i’m a dork about patterns in numbers.  i generally indulge this odd behavior in the car, when i find meaning in the odometer and trip counter.  we’re not talking about things like hitting 40,000 or 44,444 or 42,424, which are momentous occassions rather than moments of serendipidous delight.  a number like 39,811 is an alright pattern.  the logic can be completely whacked in order to achieve the pattern.  i can employ addition/subtraction/multiplication/division/square/root to make the pattern work – 39188 [(3*=9)-1=8*1=8].  if i new more math and calculus, this could get really nice and screwy.

for the past 2 years, i’ve deleted my gmail spam folder every few days.  gmail lets you know how many unopened spam messages you have at any given time – just like how many unopened messages in your inbox and how many saved drafts.  that running count always bugged me, and so every few days i would either delete the spam folder or mark all the spam messages as ‘read’ so that i could have a clean and organized email pane. 

well, last month i began to wonder just how much spam i normally receive.  i decided to stop deleting my spam, and to leave it all unread.  on july25, i hit the ‘momentous occassion’ number of 1000 unread spam messages.  i of course surpassed that moments later when the window refreshed, but not before i managed to capture a screenshot.

1000 isn’t really such a big deal – it’s easy to replicate at any moment (unlike on a car when a mile marker is hit just once (unless you surpass 1mil miles and restart the odometer). it was more of a watershed moment – lookie ma! i done got 1000 mails!  i just liked the clean look of the even number.  ultimately, it appears that my spam averages around 1030 messages on a daily basis (gmail deletes spam more than 30 days old).  i don’t really care if i end up w/ more or less, since they go straight to my spam folder – unless, of course, i get them in my inbox first.  now that would just be wrong.

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solidsteel podcast

July 28, 2006 Leave a comment

this podcast comes weekly out of england, though where exactly i’m not sure. in fact, it could be anywhere, i’m only assuming england b/c the intro is read w/ a british accent. solidsteel is hosted on, which is a great site all by itself. ninjatune has some sort of relationship w/ great artists such as amon tobin and bonobo – among many others.

solidsteel is an hour long spin session, with generally uppity beats and recognizable clips mixed in. it’s quite well done, and is great work music – even though it’s not transitive, it tends to be smooth enough not to be distracting.

you can listen to solidsteel streamed off their website via windows media, or you can subscribe to the podcast via their RSS feed. good stuff.



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el chilito

July 26, 2006 1 comment

while we’re on the topic of food, anyone rambling toward this blog would do well to know of El Chilito, the punky little brother of El Chile. located in what looks to be an old drive-in hamburger shack on manor road about 5 blocks east of I-35, El Chilito specializes in tacos. that’s pretty much it – delicious tacos. of course, you can get a thirst quenching limonada (lime-ade) or beer, as well as some funky fresh frozen pops, but really this place is all about the tacos. get it? tacos!

last summer as we were building the SNAP House in preparation for the Solar Decathlon, el chilito inconspicuously opened their windows (it’s walk-up, not walk-in, tho they have sheltered outdoor seating and wifi). we felt pretty sure that we were single-handedly responsible for their success as we ambled down nearly every day, sometimes two or three times, to partake in the deliciousness that emanated not blocks away from our building site. dear lord i can’t get through to you how good this place in – w/o a doubt the BEST tacos in austin.

it’s cheap, it’s fast, is fresh, it’s fantastic. it’s el chilito!

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uchi – chic and delicious

July 26, 2006 Leave a comment

uchi’s been open in austin for some time now, but i’ve never shared any stories about it. we’ll be dining there tomorrow night in celebration of the future-mrs.’ first public lecture on tax law (to a packed room of 350, no less!)

uchi opened up a bit over a year ago, i think, in a former home on south lamar. they’ve hippified it, so you feel uber-cool when you arrive. the exterior is painted red clapboard, and the front of the restauraunt/bldg is shielded from the street by a bamboo screen, creating an outdoor seating area (not for dinner, but rather as a waiting area and extension of the bar). there’s a quite nice concrete tub built up against the bldg that serves as a fountain, it’s quite easy to see them adding ambiance w/ candles or flowers or leaves floating in it. wonderful hanging spheres of twigs are lit from the inside by dim lights.

the inside is all red and brown, a very graphic take on japanese floral prints. everybody around you in this restaurant is beautiful, so you feel as though you walk amongst the gods. lest you feel that you’re merely a player at the latest scene, uchi is a wonderful restaurant. the wine selection is great, and the food is dynamite. sushi can be sushi, but here it is both delicious and beautifully arranged and presented. it almost hurts to pick the food off the plate and eat it. also especially fun is the hot rock, where you can sear your own fish or meat on a 500degree stone.

uchi calls for casual dress, so jeans or slacks and a nice shirt or even jacket will do. uchi tends to be pricey, but it is well worth the occassional splurge.

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gizmo, skype, you name it : VoIP

July 26, 2006 Leave a comment

i wish i could take part in this fun game called VoIP or PC-to-PC or PC-to-landline or whatever. i’ve got skype (which finally has video for mac)! i’ve got gizmo (which now provides unlimited calls to mobile and landline phones [w/ some restrictions])! i’ve got yahoo (which also finally added video for mac)! i’ve got ichat (which has video and voice for ages, but only works on a mac!)! i’d even install sightspeed, aim, and msn. problem is, practically none of my friends or family ever use any of these programs. of the friends that do use the programs, none of them are online w/ any degree of frequency to make a chance of reaching them reliable. and really, why would anyone use it when we have free long distance on our mobile and landlines?

we all know that voice and video will ultimately all be carried by broadband or some other digitized method, it’s just a matter of time. so why the urge to use it now? why do i want so badly (let’s not get too carried away) to talk to somebody over my computer? maybe so that everything can be in one place? probably moreso just b/c it seems cool and novel. there’s really no cost-saving in it for me at this point. oh well.

if anybody reading this does have any desire to download any of these programs and chat, here are the respective links (personally, gizmo is my favorite).

gizmo:Call me!

skype:My status

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to have a silky sac…

July 24, 2006 Leave a comment
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strange what search terms will hit your site

July 24, 2006 Leave a comment

looking at my blog stats this afternoon, i discovered that someone clicked to this blog by searching for the term ‘can iput whole deck in the ass’.  wow, interesting.  surely i must have been hit #27 on page3 or something, you know?  one random hit in a string of random results – b/c what kind of a search is that anyway?  but i checked it out myself (curious to see just what this person may have been looking for), and lo and behold, this blog is the #1 hit for the string ‘can iput whole deck in the ass’.

i can try to defend my honor by stating that the word ‘put’ was in one post, the words ‘ass deck’ (part of ‘kick ass deck on the roof of the building’) were in another, and that’s pretty much all that it took to pull my blog to the #1 position.  yes, i can try to convince myself that it was a completely random string of terms, but in the end, i must admit to myself, that, yes, my writings have caused google to believe that i am the most qualified at describing what it is to ‘put whole deck in the ass’.

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