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new blog coming soon

April 4, 2007 1 comment

to any of my friends who read this blog, be warned: i have a new side-blog project coming out next week.  it won’t replace this one, which is where i’ll continue to post as i always have.  this new one will maintain a particular theme that i won’t divulge until i unleash the blog on the world.  i won’t link between the two blogs, either, so if you know me and want to know when the blog launches, drop me an email.

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chat w/ me right now!

August 18, 2006 Leave a comment

as you can see, there is now a new addition to this blog that i’ve added just for the sake of having the latest and greatest. actually, meebome has been around for almost 2 wks now, so it’s not so new. 😉 anyway – if i’m online, that box on the right will say so, and if the urge takes you, just go on and pop some letters in that box and we’ll see if a conversation starts. fascinating.

UPDATE: i don’t use meebo all that often anymore, and i’ve never chatted w/ a visitor to this blog (except for myself when i tested it out), so i took down the meebo-me widget.

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another day, another blog theme

July 31, 2006 Leave a comment

i really don’t like many of the available themes provided on wordpress, which is why i’m always changing it up.  this one allows a custom header, so sometime this week i’ll create some image that can display a header title better than this image does.

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strange what search terms will hit your site

July 24, 2006 Leave a comment

looking at my blog stats this afternoon, i discovered that someone clicked to this blog by searching for the term ‘can iput whole deck in the ass’.  wow, interesting.  surely i must have been hit #27 on page3 or something, you know?  one random hit in a string of random results – b/c what kind of a search is that anyway?  but i checked it out myself (curious to see just what this person may have been looking for), and lo and behold, this blog is the #1 hit for the string ‘can iput whole deck in the ass’.

i can try to defend my honor by stating that the word ‘put’ was in one post, the words ‘ass deck’ (part of ‘kick ass deck on the roof of the building’) were in another, and that’s pretty much all that it took to pull my blog to the #1 position.  yes, i can try to convince myself that it was a completely random string of terms, but in the end, i must admit to myself, that, yes, my writings have caused google to believe that i am the most qualified at describing what it is to ‘put whole deck in the ass’.

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March 13, 2006 Leave a comment

simple tag for showing image hosted at a different location fails to work! amazing. the jetblue image below is from their website, but managed to dissappear from the code after i published the first time. additionally, the code for a vw image still exists, yet the image does not show up. i also continue to have problems logging in to this godforsaken publishing platform.

i thought i was hot shit when i got an invite for wordpress. then flock, the shittiest ever implementation of an okay idea, started giving invites away to every tom, dick, and harry who wanted in. and then wordpress couldn’t hold up under the pressure, and i couldn’t log in for 2 days. i could stop bitching and move, but that would be my fourth move in 1.5 years. until i start hosting my own domain, i’ll stay here and bitch, thank you very much.

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January 25, 2006 Leave a comment

let’s join the holy bandwagon. i have no interest in actually trading, i just enjoy watching the value of my blog based on highly selective links. i have to display this image so that they know this blog is mine. ok, see? it’s mine!
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ordering in the sidebar

December 18, 2005 Leave a comment

so i’ve created 3 pages outside of this blog – a biographical page, a password protected private page, and a page containing my NY to-do list. i have no clue how to order them so that ‘A NY Agenda’ is last, despite numbering them 1 through 3 when it asks for the page order.

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blogs and boundaries

December 18, 2005 Leave a comment

one of the benefits constantly touted by blogging missionaries is the blog’s ability to bring people together. people who don’t know each other, who are physically distant, who harbor similar interests. this is definitely true – it gives you the ability to see inside somebody else’s life, a certain insight, a voyeuristic high. you can leave comments for these people you don’t know, become invisible friends via electronic code. it can round out an existence, providing knowledge, interesting reading, and camaraderie.

it can also do the exact opposite if you actually know the blogger in question. i know many people who direct me to read their blogs in order to learn of a funny experience – it’s an act meant to bring people closer to the blogger. they want us to know about them, and to learn about them in this online communal experience – the blog. but cyber-broadcasting the story is actually less intimate, and can even unwittingly distance the blogger from the reader. is it too cumbersome to relate the story in a personal email or by direct call? perhaps the blog is meant for a small circle of friends, but the very nature of the blog undercuts that notion and instead becomes a forum for all the world to read. it is almost demeaning at times to be directed to read a blog – it signifies that time is too important and mass-updating is the only efficient way to keep up.

far be it from me to prescribe what the nature of a blog should be – it can of course be anything to anyone. i do feel, though, that there are necessities of the human psyche that are being impaired by this new method of communication. i know it is only a matter of time before the behavior rights itself – destructive behavior is only tolerated for so long before the preservation mechanism kicks in. i don’t think that blogs will go away, i just think they’ll become more refined – a platform for thoughts, not what you ate for breakfast.

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back to the apple stock post

December 18, 2005 Leave a comment

wintermute (god forbid i use his real name) commented on my post about apple stock getting set to take a fall. then a friend of his commented on wintermute’s comment about my comment, and wintermute commented on the comment to his comment about my comment. i then commented about both comments referring to wintermute’s comment about my comment. i just wanted to link back to both my original comment and the ensuing comments.
my comment: apple stock bubble
wintermute’s comments: round up

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December 11, 2005 Leave a comment

it drives me nuts when people don’t use proper grammar in emails and posts. i’m sometimes at fault, but there seems to be a general trend towards writing things out and not re-reading it. a simple once over would catch half these problems. the one that drives me especially crazy is om malik, who’s blog, is a daily read for me. i like what he usually has to say, and he’s on top of all the new websites and general what-not in the internet world. but his writing is horrendous! there’s really no excuse for him to write this way – for one, he makes some degree of revenue off of that blog, and two – he’s a professional writer!

anybody who writes should not fall prey to the simplistic reasoning that blogging is more conversational and as such needn’t be held to the same standards as fine literature. it’s not fine literature to properly structure your writing – it’s more a convenience to your readers who will be able to more properly understand what you have to say.

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