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i love how this works: me: ok, i’m gonna get hom…

June 18, 2003 Leave a comment

i love how this works:

me: ok, i’m gonna get home at 4, and study till i go to bed.

reality: ok, you’re gonna get home, check your email, surf the web for a bit, feel run down and tired so you’ll take a nap that will go way longer than the 30 minutes originally alotted, then you’re gonna get up and surf the web some more (friendster is at once both awesome and evil), IM, then remember to eat, so you’ll spend some time making that chicken u took out to defrost, b/c surely u shouldn’t refreeze a defrosted chicken, then u’ll go back to the computer and update this journal u haven’t touched since march, then as the time nears 10:30p u will start to study. 10:30p – 6.5 hrs after the start time, and u will therefore stay up till the wee hours of the morn (again) studying and will finally get sick on friday after your midterm is over and the weekend has begun.

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