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now that i know i have an audience, i’ve become pr…

September 22, 2004 Leave a comment Go to comments

now that i know i have an audience, i’ve become pretty self-conscious of writing. i tend to write in a way that makes me laugh, but now i’m doubling back b/c i don’t think its going to be funny to anyone else. damn it parkoff! as penance i expect a bucket of debra’s bbq ribs overnighted to austin. by friday.

so i created this new journal the other day to start ranting about random architectural musings. there’s nothing earth shattering or industry leading. just the kinds of thing that everyone should conclude as they learn and progress. the impetus was the renovation of congregation beth sholom. since then, i’ve discovered who the architect is, and based on where the architect and the rest of the design partners at his firm were educated, i feel pretty confident that the things i took issue w/ will be fixed. i’m still going to email the architect, tho, to ask him some questions and get more info.

so it’s 4:15a, and i’m working on the second all-niter of the week. i have a small review tomorrow that i originally understood to be monday. so i worked all nite sunday to be ready, only to find out that there was no review on monday. i wasn’t pissed, tho – it gave me more time to work on my model. now, i made myself a little promise to not use the computer for any design or modeling this semester. i think that just using CAD and 3d modeling has hampered my education, so i wanted to hand draw and build physical models. of course, the fact that the model was due the day after i returned from 5 days in NY made it a bit difficult, and so i went 3d. then it turned out that the file i had spent so much time building had somehow gotten corrupted, so none of the lighting worked properly.

lighting has to be the biggest fucking bitch of modeling. it’s not so much the building of the 3d model that’s important – of course it needs to be accurate to look good, but that’s relatively easy. getting the materials and the lighting is the really important part, and it’s incredibly time consuming to understand how lighting and materials work, let alone tweaking and rendering the images – i took a nap for an hour, and one image w/ a butt-load of glass hadn’t even begun to render! by comparison, it typically takes a solid 9 hours i think for a single frame in a CGI film to render. that number may be outdated, but either way, it takes a really long time, and i’m not using the monster machinery tht pixar or dreamworks has. here are some links of the most amazing 3d renderings. i would love to be able to master some of these 3d programs and maybe work for one of these places for a while. kdlab.net and dbox.

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