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its sometimes scary being in a single person publi…

December 9, 2004 Leave a comment

its sometimes scary being in a single person public restroom. i always wonder if that lock is going to give out when somebody tries to open the door.

final review was today – i’ve gone 4 days w/ total of 10 hrs sleep taken in increments of 1-3 hr naps. review was ok, but could and should have been better had i completed my model. i’m blaming its level of incompleteness on the mess of the base site model, which i tried casting in concrete. due to the new shitty hours of the wood shop and monopolization of the table saw, my formwork was delayed by a full day, so i ended up making formwork out of chipboard. bad move. i then realized after i started pouring that i designed the formwork in a stupid way, so that i ultimately ended up w/ not enough concrete, and had to use plaster to fill in the excess void. the resulting mess looked so ugly that i scrapped it at 4a and made a quick chipboard base. the 10 hours required for this fiasco could have been devoted to finishing the model, which would have been pretty kick ass. it looked pretty good as it was, but it could be really aweseome. i’ll have to stay up all friday night to complete it for my portfolio review on saturday.

i now have my only final left, which is tomorrow at 2p. the class is so crappy – it’s like a high school class. i go to lecture 50% of the time, b/c lectures consist of the instructor reading verbatim the powerpoint, which in itself is pretty simplistic. the text book must be written for high school students – they actually say that for those w/ poor vision, corrective lenses, called ‘glasses’ can be used. to study for this class, i just take a few online quizes from, and ace the test.

tomorrow before the final i have a meeting w/ our contact person from MetalsUSA, who is providing the SIPs for the UT SolarD house. it’s our first meeting, which is exciting since they decided to donate all of our SIPs plus engineering services. there’s been a lot of good news in the solarD field in the past week. we won the BP competition, which provides us w/ a full complement of free BP solar panels. that’s now in addition to the other experimental solar panels that have been donated by another company, which i won’t name until after we’ve figured out what we’re going to do w/ our panels. we’ve also started pulling in massive corporate donations. our SNAP Comm, the command center of the house, has started design w/ Vision Corp., a local tech company that specializes in VoIP. they’re bringing in lots of other tech support so that we can control pretty much all important aspects of the house in a beautiful, easy to understand, graphic touch screen LCD. i was beginning to have doubts about our chances in the competition, i don’t know why – but this past week has me (and the whole team) in a really good state of mind.

i wish i had the time over the past month to post my thoughts, i mean the little daily observations, which are so interesting to go back and reread. damn school has been insane.

google is the empire state building

December 1, 2004 Leave a comment

google is the empire state building of the 21st century. or at least the next few years.

every day of significance seems to be commemorated in a unique, creative way by our friends at google. today is world AIDS day, and google has a red ribbon on its search page – one of its more elegant commemorative pages. thanksgiving saw a turkey and other such items integrated into the google logo. national holidays, religious holidays, and other events of note all manage to find their way into the google logo – and that’s the beauty of it! it’s there, not in a ‘beat you over the head look at me’ way, but a simple way that’s just enough for you to notice but not be overwhelmed.

the empire state bldg has colored lights. google has a logo.

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