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another great super mario link

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the word ‘sustainability’

November 18, 2005 Leave a comment

sitting in review and hearing the word ‘sustainability’ thrown around as though it was an accepted concept, or defined term. this is sustainability. this design ‘works’ with sustainability. as though if a house has solar panels or is made of strawbale, then it is ‘sustainable’. there’s so much more to it than that, and i’m beginning to understand the enormous debate surrounding this word. i bet i’d be placated if presenters said ‘this house saves energy in ways x, y, and z by being made of straw bale, or have these benefits because of modular construction.’

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Questioning foundations

November 10, 2005 Leave a comment

“The environment will always balance itself, with or without humans. Essentially, sustainability is a human rights issue.” -Albert Marshall

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Wood for fuel:

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I recently heard of a motion in the House or Senate to allow those in need of heating fuel to collect firewood from the National Forests. At first, this sounds like a humane method for providing heating fuel. The wood to be selected should supposedly already be on the ground – similar to the Biblical method of leaving grains and harvests that fall to the ground, and allowing them to then be picked up by the hungry.

It is easy to infer, though, that this system will be very easily circumvented and abused. People will take more than they need, as is the American way. Others will collect wood and sell it instead of using it. And still others will actively cut down trees for both personal use and profit. This will become a federally-validated assault on our national forests.

Some will maintain that the health, safety and survival of the nation’s citizens must come before the health of the environment; that the amount remaining wilderness in the US is so great that culling firewood won’t make a dent. Both of these would be false contentions: personal and environmental health are inextricably linked, and the amount of wilderness is not a commodity that can be deemed acceptable based on a set number.

Fallen wood is crucial to the health of the forest. Its decomposition provides nutrients and fertilizer to the soil and other trees and plants. It acts as fuel during forest fires, which are also crucial to the health of the forest, as they burn off the forest undergrowth and limit competition for space and light.

portfolio and engagement party

November 9, 2005 Leave a comment

just returned yesterday from NY, where my parents threw cindy and i an amazing engagement party. the purpose of the party was for all of our friends and family in NY who wouldn’t have been able to make it down to austin for the wedding. as it turns out, now we’re having the wedding in NY, and at the same venue w/ the same caterer as the engagment party. so all those people get to come to 2 parties! but the party got to serve a double purpose – to give cindy’s parents a clear idea of what the wedding in NY will be like (wanted them to be comfortable w/ how things would be since they’ll have very little direct input), and they were duly impressed. so was i, and i think just about everyone there was as well. it was like a wedding, except we weren’t wearing black tie. the food was amazing, the drinks at the open bar were amazing, the flowers were amazing, the place was amazing. how can they make it any better for the wedding? the only teaser i was given was ‘a martini bar taking up an entire wall, w/ special holiday themed martinis’ (among many others). there were 5 at the engagement party, there must be at least 10 then at the wedding. holy crap.

i also asked my friend brian to be my best man, and sahil,august,adam,michael, and gary to be my groomsmen. i may have one or two more for groomsmen, too. selecting best man was a really tough call, b/c i had more than one i wanted to ask. i ended up asking brian, though, as we share a long history – he’s been one of my best friends since we were 5, and you can’t neglect that. now that the cat’s out of the bag, they can get started w/ bachelor party preparations! hehehe…

i’m now working on my portfolio in overtime. i need to send it out w/in the next few days to one specific firm in NY that i’m hoping to work at for residency. once the analog version is done i’ll get on the web version.

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annoying response to simple question

November 8, 2005 Leave a comment

just remembered an interaction i had w/ some nutsack in the austin airport on friday as we were waiting to board the plane to NY. they were already boarding the plane when cindy and i arrived, so i asked this guy who appeared to be online if he actually was on line. kind of like this:
“are you on line?”
here is his now get this respone to a simple yes or no question:
“well, i’m in group5 and they appear to be boarding group3 right now.”
wow! not only did he technically not answer my question, but he also gave me a little glimpse into his state of affairs! thanks dude! his comment sounds totally snarky when i write it, but it wasn’t wise-ass at all. it was just a stupid response to a simple question. well, since he wasn’t boarding, cindy and i passed him and got in line. at which point she turned to me and said,
“what the hell was that guy talking about?”
at which point i turned to her, and said:
“ahh, that’s why i’m marrying you! we both internalized a little ‘wtf’ about that dude’s answer.”
that made me happy. so then i turned and punched the snarky dude in the mouth.

p.s. i’ve just been informed that i should have written ‘in line’ instead of ‘on line’. we do it both ways up in NY, just like your mom on a good day.

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cindy’s car for sale

November 2, 2005 Leave a comment

cindy posted her car for sale on craigslist today, and i think the post is easily a ‘best of’ craigslist. i thought she was showing me a precedent car ad that she wanted to imitate. then i thought she was searching car ads for my name. then i noticed it happened to have her car’s exact stats! what a crazy coincidence!

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apple’s latest and greatest

November 1, 2005 Leave a comment

i stopped at the apple store at the mall this afternoon. it just gets better and better (tho Ben Affleck movies get worse and worse – Daredevil is on FX right now). i got to play w/ a legit copy of Front Row complete w/ remote control. hot damn that thing is impressive! Apple has $19 adapter that outputs the video to a screen, but i’d rather they just come out w/ a much bigger iMac. right now 20″ is the max, and at $1699 is a good deal considering everything that comes w/ it. i would totally shell out another $200 to hop up the screen size to say 23″. there’s the rub, eh? how to get Front Row really into the living room instead of just on the computer? much has already been written

here’s a photo i took using the built in isight camera in the new imac. the photobooth program makes taking snapshots a breeze, and they have some fun special effects. i dub this pic, ‘comic kenny’. very creative.
comic kenny
one more thing about apple. this isn’t news to anybody, but the ipod mini is caput. also, new ipods don’t come w/ that extra adapter thingy next to the headphone jack, so an entire new generation of ipod accessories will have to be developed. that’s right, none of our existing accessories will work w/ the ipod video or nano. expect that to happen w/ the rest of the ipod line as well (unless they get the ax and all we get are ipod videos and nanos). ALSO, the shuffle seems to be done for as well. i haven’t read about that anywhere yet, but i very well may have missed the memo. the reason i can validate all of these things i write is that the apple store had a giant bin w/ ipod accessories for major discounted prices. this is not something that apple ever does – sale bins a la walmart? i don’t think so. the only reason is that these items are not going to be restocked and are taking up room in the apple store. among the items i saw was an entire bin of itrip fm adapters, ipod shuffle cases, shitty headphones, ipod mini cases.

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