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a calendar feature i'd like

June 22, 2006 1 comment

i would like to have a program like ical or sunbird sitting on my desktop. i’d like to enter an event on a specific calendar, and have that event update my google calendar. i’d like for them to sync. w/o me having to press a button.

i’d also like google calendar to get a to-do list. and a nice implementation would be something similar to how does their to-do list. the way they print events is also quite nice. while we’re on 30boxes, their new webtop feature is quite nice. i’d like google to make something clean like that, instead of cluttered like the personal google home page.

i’d also like my next 2 business ideas to do incredibly well. so that i can buy a 3 story condo in NYC. as well as my house in austin. a-yup.

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britney's looking pretty redneck these days…

June 21, 2006 Leave a comment

how could she go from being every guy’s dirty school girl wet dream to this? dear lord, it’s scary…

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Smell just like a Hummer!

June 19, 2006 Leave a comment

just in case you’ve ever wanted to smell like a gas-guzzling, gas spewing machine…
(please refrain from mom jokes, it’s too easy and take no skill)

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…and then what?

June 18, 2006 1 comment

this is an example of a very bad ad.   ‘Start at LaGuardia Then…’  ‘Finish at St. John’s Now?’  When?  they mean to use the word ‘then’ in the sense that something comes afterward.  however, the way the ad is structured makes it read entirely differently.  it makes it read as though you start at LaGuardia at some time in the past, not as a stepping stone to something greater.  perhpas the word ‘now’ following st. john’s would help.  perhaps locating those 2 sentence fragments closer together would help.  and also, though i understand the intent of the ad is to promote LaGuardia as a good beginner college, they might not want to create an ad that actually seems to promote St. John’s.


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Ad on the LIRR

June 18, 2006 Leave a comment

i know i’ve been pretty negative about all things transportation in NY lately, even though it’s the best public transporation network in the US, but the things i bitch about are legit.  i love the extent of the subways and buses and trains, but their maintenance really does stink.

sooo, i figured instead of complaining about the train, i’d make a snide comment about this ad i saw on the LIRR the other day.  it’s pretty funny.  sorry, but that ad does not speak to any new generation.  it’s inherently boring and cliched.  apparently, they believe that leather pants, a leather skirt and boots are all that it takes to hook up to the ‘new’ generation.  that and the word podcast.  yup, i’m there.

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More Penn Station Goodness!

June 18, 2006 Leave a comment

Apparently, the most effective way to mask the stale stench of urine and crap is t o hang a mega urinal cake from a mesh bag in the middle of the bathroom.  This is one of only 2 bathrooms (2 men, 2 women) in all of Penn Station – 1 bathroom in the Amtrak Platform, and one in Penn Station proper.  Now that I think about it, there’s probably a bathroom in the NJTransit section as well, but I never go there.  This pic was taken in the Amtrak men’s bathroom.  Here’s another pic of one of the sinks in the same bathroom:

Yup, they really try hard to take care of their facilities there at Penn Station.  Really try to make their riders feel at home, you know?

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florida wants to make sure we know they’re smarter than louisiana

June 12, 2006 Leave a comment

florida issued an evacuation warning for hurricane alberto, a relatively minor storm, lest they look like they don’t care about residents or have a working government to protect constituents. don’t want to look like Katrina, now do we? this is exactly how the federal govt. responded post-9/11 – overly intrusive and forceful to project an image of confidence, knowledge, and control. the threat isn’t really there, but we’re prepared!

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the RAZR is dead to me

June 11, 2006 Leave a comment

i realized that i never gave my RAZR phone a proper send off, so here goes: i hate the RAZR phone.  it sucks.  i went through 3 replacements (meaning i had 4 RAZR phones).  they all had some problem or other.  dropped calls.  missed calls that never went through.  the irritating sound of a whistling tea kettle.

well i don't have to deal w/ it anymore!  on my last call to cingular tech support, i complained about how this would be my 4th replacement, and i couldn't stand to use the RAZR anymore.  under no circumstances would i accept a RAZR as a replacement.  they sent me a sony ericsson w-600i as a comparable replacement.  while it's pretty thick (at a hefty .95" or so), i was more than willing to accept that trade-off if the phone worked.  and work it does!

i love this phone.  it has a 1.3 megapixel camera – pretty good for a cameraphone these days.  it has 256 MB of memory and acts as a walkman phone w/ 3 internal speakers.  the screen rotates to reveal the keypad, which is lit in a nice soft orange – not that blue LED junk (why is blue LED the rage?  blue light is difficult for the human eye to read – red is the easiest).  it comes in a funky orange faceplate.  and it's bluetooth, so i can easily sync the address book and calendar and pics w/ my mac via isync.  narf!!

unfortunately, nothing is ever perfect.  apparently the mic picks up background noise like it's nobody's business, so it's oftentime hard for the person on the other end to fully understand me.  it's getting to the point where my lady-friend won't talk to me while i'm on the train (b/c of the grating beeping sound when the doors close).  alas, tech support and phone exchange may still be in my future… 

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7 World Trade Center

June 11, 2006 Leave a comment

this is fantastic signage. the facade of the new 7 World Trade Center is alternating finished of perforated metal (up to roughly 4th story). that's why it looks alternately bright and dark – likely just alternate grains of the brush stroke. anyway, as i walked by last week (i work down the street) i was suddenly struck by the sight of a giant 7! it's not something you'd see if you were looking straight at the building, but if you look at it from an angle, you'll notice slivers of steel protruding from the facade at a 90degree angle. the various pieces of steel form the number 7. so as you walk by, you're treated with this sudden visual delight!

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The most disgusting front page ever

June 11, 2006 Leave a comment

front page of the NY Daily Post following the death of Al Zarqawi. I can understand the elation felt for the removal of a terrorist, but the cartoon bubble is so incredibly distasteful (as the jab extends to all Muslims). i can't begin to understand how this rag of a newspaper exists. I know they eschew quality control, but this is so offensive – i imagined they would at least try to retain some degree of political maneuverability.

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