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colbert roasts the president, the press corps, everything else in his way…

May 7, 2006 Leave a comment

i bet this was the most direct and scathing attack that bush, his administration, and obviously the press corps, has ever willingly endured. if they had known what stephen colbert was going to say, then it would most definitely have not been willingly. but that’s exactly the curiousity of it all! how could anyone have not known that it was going to go that way?! what do you expect from a man whose profession is to humorously, yet wickedly, attack the conservative right, the current administration, and the current state of affairs?! how could they have thought he was going to be a nice guy about it? stephen colbert is not jon stewart – there’s no room for being political, b/c that’s exactly what he’s lashing into.

Stephen Colbert gives the keynote speech a the White House Press Corps Dinner:

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