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so i’m not really sure why i remembered this today…

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so i’m not really sure why i remembered this today, but its one of those random memories that show up out of nowhere. it’s a pretty distinct memory, and i knew as it occurred that i would always remember it – b/c as it happened it actually felt like a memory. i felt like i was in the wonder years – i could just hear the old fred savage (or me) voicing over how that day at camp i took a shower after dinner, put my sunglasses on, and strolled over to the tetherball courts. it felt like a memory b/c the sunglasses seemed foggy around the edges – just like on tv. it turned out they had just fallen into a bowl of peas at dinner.

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CSI: Miami – what has become of you?

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while i wait for these images to render (btw, most of the idea for this monastery i’m working on came while sitting in services on rosh hashanah…) i’m visiting random blogger pages. i have never seen such a plentitude of shitty writing before! technology has really enabled all the dumbasses of the world to influence other dumbasses, further increasing the dumbass epidemic. apparently all blogs created by your average high schooler meditate on death, hating one’s self, and the inability to create coherent sentences by using fragmentted grammar and an overabundance of characters. like~omg~~~~!!!!!!! jkjkjk…&&&^~

and since it’s now 4:50a, i feel its a good time to share my mourning for CSI:Miami. not just for Speed, who was killed on the season premiere (it doesn’t matter that that’s the first time i learned his name – no names are important on that show except for ‘horatio’) – i guess he wanted a raise. but also for the show itself. i’ve noticed a steady decrease in the quality of writing. the season premiere was so blah – woopdeedoo: a main character got killed off, the medical examiner nearly broke her rule for not boning dead people, and the main suspect turned out innocent. but it was uninvolved – the main suspect never cried that her husband was murdered, and when her son was found, she just picked him up at the police station and happily traipsed out the door. where’s the emotion, man?! emotion doesn’t mean having the characters appear scentimental by stoically accepting Speed’s death, or maybe crying. there’s no character development anymore! it’s just murder murder murder, which would be totally fine if the story was well written. but CSI doesn’t lead investigations in reality like they do in this show; they don’t have power like they do on this show; they don’t drive hummers like they do in this show; and they certainly don’t have awesomely kick-ass offices like they do in this show. i’d forgive all these small/major things (as i used to) if they’d just make the stories good again. they’re falling victim to their own success: brand dilution…CSI: Las Vegas, Miami, NY – there just aren’t enough good stories to go around…

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now that i know i have an audience, i’ve become pr…

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now that i know i have an audience, i’ve become pretty self-conscious of writing. i tend to write in a way that makes me laugh, but now i’m doubling back b/c i don’t think its going to be funny to anyone else. damn it parkoff! as penance i expect a bucket of debra’s bbq ribs overnighted to austin. by friday.

so i created this new journal the other day to start ranting about random architectural musings. there’s nothing earth shattering or industry leading. just the kinds of thing that everyone should conclude as they learn and progress. the impetus was the renovation of congregation beth sholom. since then, i’ve discovered who the architect is, and based on where the architect and the rest of the design partners at his firm were educated, i feel pretty confident that the things i took issue w/ will be fixed. i’m still going to email the architect, tho, to ask him some questions and get more info.

so it’s 4:15a, and i’m working on the second all-niter of the week. i have a small review tomorrow that i originally understood to be monday. so i worked all nite sunday to be ready, only to find out that there was no review on monday. i wasn’t pissed, tho – it gave me more time to work on my model. now, i made myself a little promise to not use the computer for any design or modeling this semester. i think that just using CAD and 3d modeling has hampered my education, so i wanted to hand draw and build physical models. of course, the fact that the model was due the day after i returned from 5 days in NY made it a bit difficult, and so i went 3d. then it turned out that the file i had spent so much time building had somehow gotten corrupted, so none of the lighting worked properly.

lighting has to be the biggest fucking bitch of modeling. it’s not so much the building of the 3d model that’s important – of course it needs to be accurate to look good, but that’s relatively easy. getting the materials and the lighting is the really important part, and it’s incredibly time consuming to understand how lighting and materials work, let alone tweaking and rendering the images – i took a nap for an hour, and one image w/ a butt-load of glass hadn’t even begun to render! by comparison, it typically takes a solid 9 hours i think for a single frame in a CGI film to render. that number may be outdated, but either way, it takes a really long time, and i’m not using the monster machinery tht pixar or dreamworks has. here are some links of the most amazing 3d renderings. i would love to be able to master some of these 3d programs and maybe work for one of these places for a while. and dbox.

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there’s a girl i know who lives on the west side …

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there’s a girl i know who lives on the west side
and she’s sweeter than a breaking rain;
there’s a bus that takes me in from the suburbs
and she meets me on the collonade;
she says why don’t we just go away baby?
why can’t we have some fun?
but when sunday morning comes around
i’m gone..
oh sunday the bus drives
back up the west side…
‘sunday on the west side’ by the push kings

2 days ago i started dreaming
and the dream brought me back home;
i was making my way slowly
to the place i started from;
and a dream like this you dream in red and gold
they’re the colors of remembrance i am told.
i was sleeping with my sister [-huh?];
i was turning 21;
i was drinking vodka tonics;
winning card games just for fun.
and now i can say that i’m a modern man;
where before i really couldn’t now i can i baby
can’t you see that i’m changing?!
love takes flight
like a bird
and the world is right
in a word day is night
and night is sweet sunshine.
we are young;
we may never be so young;
never ever again and again;
some boys to men go marching.
‘love takes flight’ by the push kings.

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so damn pretty

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git sum kosha’ eatin in New O’lins

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git sum kosha’ eatin, and din git sum lovin fo yo lady.

kosher kitchen in New Orleans.

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apparently i’ve developed a bit of a NY audience, …

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apparently i’ve developed a bit of a NY audience, and to you all, i say thanks. i am in NY for the weekend for Rosh Hashanah, and will inevitably have something to add by the end of the weekend. in the meantime, i must thank parkoff for comprising and developing my regular clientele.

the only tidbit i’ll leave is my reaction to this new vehicle: oh my fucking god. if i ever see this in the street, i’ll risk getting arrested so that i can harrass the hell out of the driver. of course, being as i live in texas, where concealed firearms are legal, that may not be the brightest idea. what a conundrum. also, in response to the navistar, let me direct you here and here. good day.

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