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happy thanksgiving. it was a nice, yet stressful …

November 30, 2003 Leave a comment

happy thanksgiving. it was a nice, yet stressful weekend, having traveled from austin, via atlanta, to ny and back via cincinnati. spent time w/ my new extended family, and enjoyed thanksgiving FEAST – you really have no idea how true the term feast is when it comes to a parkoff meal. i also got to play w/ my new baby cousin, Daniel, for the first time since he was born, and he was friendly and adorable, and i nearly took him home w/ me. Saw ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ on Broadway w/ sister and parents saturday nite – the movie’s better.

on my 6:05a flight this morning (traveling first class only b/c it was the only remaining skymiles ticket), i came across what is typically construed as a rich man’s arrogance. this man forced his overstuffed bag into the overhead compartment, actually breaking the overhead compartment and ceiling light bulb. the mechanical service guys came in to check it out (while the rest of the plane is attempting to board), and they say to the guy, ‘would you like to take this out?’, inferring politely that it must come out for them to fix it, and asking him to do it so that they wouldn’t handle his bag and piss him off. he replies, ‘no.’ they then explained that the bag must come out for them to fix it, and he told them to do what they had to do. god, what a dick.

i guess along those same lines, a bratty college girl traveling from atlanta to ny carried on a phone conversation on her cell while still a solid 200ft above ground, oblivious to the fact that the phone should not be on. not oblivious, really, b/c my assumption is that she is an emory student and travels the ATL-NY route somewhat frequently, making her a practiced air traveler, not ignorant of the rules required of passengers on airplanes. obnoxious bee-atch.

i’m not bitter, it just goes back to the fact that rich people can be stupid. again, i give you the paris hilton video…

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dear god, this person must shut the fuck up. this…

November 26, 2003 Leave a comment

dear god, this person must shut the fuck up. this is so far from appropriate, and displays such ignorance as to be beyond mind-boggling:

‘Master’ and ‘slave’ computer labels unacceptable, officials say

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hazelnut coffee is the best. it is friggin windy …

November 23, 2003 Leave a comment

hazelnut coffee is the best.

it is friggin windy outside! went from low 70’s yesterday to low 50’s this afternoon, w/ 15mph winds from the N-NW. austin’s weather patterns are schizophrenic.

pics of grandma and grandpa and baby mom:

Aunt Ray and mom…
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thanksgiving at the Kessler’s
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Ralph Lauren Polo, or Grandma&Grandpa?
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me or mom?
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young-lan just told me that she wouldn’t read this…

November 22, 2003 Leave a comment

young-lan just told me that she wouldn’t read this page b/c there are no graphics on it. image snob! 😉 my rants are way better than any images could ever be. and anyway, that’s what’s so super-duper cool about this site! it’s trendy and retro, b/c it’s an emulation of the WWW/WWW = wild wild west of the world wide web. if you really want images, check the studio research images: bumps and waves…

Bumps and Nips
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bogul development
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bogul development2
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bogul development3
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bogul development4
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the movie elf has taught that there are such things as angry elves.

the freaky gnats have returned to my window screens! what are they and why do they like to live in my window screens? there is no logic to which side of the house they like – shady, sunny. they just hang out, attached to the screen, waiting to wake up and infest my house w/ annoying gnat behavior. well fuck you gnats! i’m gonna get a venus fly trap and a pet bat. we’ll see how much you like my house then.

also, ella fitzgerld’s “baby it’s cold outside” is perhaps the best song i’ve heard all day, and rates a ‘must-buy’ on kenny’s apple itunes endorsement scale.

download itunes

even better than the paris hilton sex tape…


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03:30a bedtime; 07:30a wakeup; 08:20a coffee and…

November 21, 2003 Leave a comment

03:30a bedtime;

07:30a wakeup;

08:20a coffee and strawberry creamcheese croissant; vanilla hazelnut today – mmm…

08:30a meet books at the library;

09:30a leave library and glean what little information books hold on the specifics of recent advances in and the state of automobile manufacturing techniques, specifically in texas;

11:00a meet w/ research funder for prefablab;

why is it that despite the interesting nature of most research, i still have a hard time getting my lazy ass into gear?

happy yesterday birthday mom!

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