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February 2, 2009 Leave a comment
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Scrubs, anyone?

September 29, 2007 Leave a comment

sounds oddly like an early episode of Scrubs:

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iphone videos

June 8, 2007 Leave a comment

been back from a multi-week vacation: moving my sister from boston to ny, graduation, camping in utah.  all that remains for another post.  in the meantime, the iphone hype continues to build.  here are some great vids:

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Han Solo in chocolat-ite

May 14, 2007 Leave a comment

i know what we’ll be munching on late at night this summer when my ATL friends come to visit: Han Solo in chocolat-ite.


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i am to be a bridesman.

May 2, 2007 Leave a comment

a good friend of mine got engaged last week, and as we chatted about it she asked me to be a bridesman. i laughed, we joked about dresses. then today she was chatting online w/ my wife and mentioned the bridesman thing. turns out it wasn’t a joke! i’m of course completely honored to be given that role in a friend’s wedding, so i’m very excited about being a bridesman – i just didn’t realize first time around that it was real. the wedding’s going to be in NY in september, so it’s a great chance for us to get up to see my family before the baby’s born in november. i have another friend getting married in NY at the end of september, but i may have to attend that one solo since that’s w/in the 6 week timeframe for the baby’s due date. i’m pretty sure somebody else is getting married around that time as well – i can’t remember who, but can only hope that it’s here in austin.

on a side note, all of my ATL buds are finally booking their tix for our annual throwdown. one of our friends is pregnant w/ her second baby, so she and cindy will be our designated drivers all weekend. sweet! another of our friends just settled on a house up in DC area, so that’s super great, too. that means next year our shindig will be up in the DC area w/ 4 of this 10 person crew living up there. we get around the country w/ our visits – ATL, Miami, Alabama, Austin, DC… that sums up everyone’s living location, so unless somebody moves, we’re either going to start doing repeats in 2009 or we’re going to have to start w/ destination weekends!

[UPDATE:] ah yes, that other wedding i couldn’t remember – that would be one of my best friends. i just received a save the date email last night, and the wedding is in NY the day after the baby’s due date. i’m so upset that i won’t be able to attend this wedding. i knew that it was going to be around the time of the baby’s due date, and let me friend know – but i also noted that he shouldn’t arrange his wedding around me when he made comment to that effect. i’ll have to be sure to make it to the bachelor party, which better not occur in the 6 weeks prior to delivery…

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McDonald’s Arches as Breasts

April 4, 2007 1 comment

i heard this theory in my American Architecture class last semester. the idea was that the golden arches were designed to subconsciously resemble breasts, causing a primal desire to eat – ideally at mcdonalds. the professor echoed what we were all thinking – this theory is ridiculous.  but he acknowledged that every time since he’d heard the theory he couldn’t help but think of boobs whenever he saw a mcdonald’s sign. now i have the same problem. and maybe you will, too.

golden arches

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don’t hurt the squirrels!

April 3, 2007 2 comments

i just got some flickr mail in regard to an old photo of mine, in which my wife Cindy is seen holding a pellet gun in her backyard. she’s holding this gun b/c her parents’ practice of running off nuisance squirrels from one of their trees is shooting at them. the first time i heard about this, i was baffled, but now i think it’s kind of funny assuming you generally avoid, you know, killing the squirrels (though that’s exactly what happened once – the squirrel fell to the ground, and my dog – who had been barking incessantly at the squirrel – thought he killed it just by barking. he was a very happy and proud dog for a long time after that). anyway, i completely forgot that pic was on my account until i got this note this morning:

In regards to the photo of Cindy with the gun, and the
comment about shooting squirrels, I feel the need to spread
awareness of squirrels in the Dallas area. Please visit my

Thank you for your time, and enjoy.

i took a look at this blog, and am having a hard time figuring out if it’s a joke or not. some of the posts seem ridiculous – Squirrel Awareness Tip #4, for instance, in which the writer advocates eavesdropping on conversations about squirrels, and either joining in if the conversation is geared positively towards squirrels, or explaining why you like squirrels and why they’re so great if the conversation is about hating/hunting squirrels.  another post contains this observation:

Earlier today, I saw a buck in my church’s inner courtyard. He was eating grass, possibly to obtain nutrients he can’t otherwise get from acorns.

i’m sorry, but stream of consciousness does not make for particularly interesting reading.  plus, the song that automatically plays on every page load is super irritating.  even if i liked the content of this blog, i would probably stop visiting just because of the music.  all of these things make the blog seem ridiculous, but then the author writes  a post that seems legit, regarding the barbaric poisoning of already endangered prairie dogs.

all in all, i think the site is legit, and i think it’s kind of funny.  i’m not going to take down the picture of my wife w/ a gun, and i’m not going to change my behavior regarding squirrels – which is basically nothing.  i think squirrels are cute, but i also despise them since they dig up my plants and cause my dog to bark like a savage attack animal.  i don’t shoot them or harm them, but i’d sure like to add some cayenne pepper around my plants to spice up their meals.  either that or shoot them w/ water guns.

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Frank Gehry: invitation to Passover Seder

March 21, 2007 Leave a comment

i just discovered, in watching a documentary on the evolution of his work, that Frank Gehry is Jewish.  his original last name was Goldberg.  i also discovered that his firm website doesn’t have any email addresses for contact.  so i have to extend my invitation to Passover Seder on this blog.  Frank – my wife and i would love to have you over for Seder if you happen to be in Austin for any reason.  you can respond in the comments.  looking foward to seeing what shapes you’ll be able to create out of the matzos!

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Catherine Tate: Lauren Cooper

March 13, 2007 Leave a comment

guess it doesn’t matter if you’re in america or england, the song remains the same…

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Google Transit interview on Fox7 Austin

March 8, 2007 7 comments

seeing as i’ve been such a huge dork about the awesomeness of Google Transit and its newly minted Austin edition, CapMetro sent some Fox7 reporters after me. they interviewed me about what Google Transit is, why i like it and think it is a step up over CapMetro’s Trip Planner, and how i think it will help people (he especially noted the influx of visitors this coming week for SXSW).

so there it is – yet another deciding factor that i am, indeed, a dork. i went on the news to profess love of an online service. if you want visual proof, watch the Fox7 Austin newscast today at 5p. i’ll hopefully grab some online footage and post it here later today or tomorrow.

UPDATE: got the video!