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RASTRA insulated concrete formwork:

October 22, 2006 3 comments




the anti-archispeak

October 15, 2006 Leave a comment


  • tiddlywink
  • thingy


  • de-smallify
  • enshorten
  • enlongen


“we’ll have room for the thingy if we enlongen the volume past the tiddlywink, but only if we smallify the adjacent thingy.”


  • none of the nasty shitty stuff
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we’ve got batman lighting!!!

October 14, 2006 Leave a comment

all i can say, b/c this is a state secret, is that our firehouse is gonna have some bad-ass batman lighting. i can’t tell you where, and i can’t tell you why, but know this: bat. man. lighting. fuck, yeah.

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album art apocolypse!

October 12, 2006 Leave a comment
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…and season3 is added to itunes…

October 11, 2006 1 comment

finally, after much delay, bally-hoo, dilly-dally, and fiddling around, season 3 of battlestar galactica has been added to itunes. this happened sometime between 3am and 6:30am CST (USA). maybe that was why i couldn’t sleep last night – a premonition of the impending arrival of season3. i checked at 3am, nothing was up, i read for a few hours, caught a nap, came back, and looky looky! (actually, i just couldn’t get my mind off studio and redesigning the firehouse project)

rejoice, fans and fanboys alike, for redemption is at hand. a season pass costs $38.99 – pretty expensive, without any real discount for the season’s 20 episodes (which sell individually for $1.99, like all tv shows on itunes). the plus to the high cost is the automatic download of each new episode as it becomes available and its (now) tv quality picture. the minus is that who’s to know after this season premier fiasco if they’ll actually get the episodes up on time from now on.

also, being as the battlestar galactica waiting period has ended, i can mention that my blog received a ludicrous (for me) amount of traffic related to my battlestar post on oct.7. now that traffic has dropped off (only 13 hits to that post today so far, whereas yesterday at this point it had surpassed 300), i can write battlestar galactica season 3 itunes as much as i want, b/c this post won’t get confused with that last rant, which is what everyone came here for – to collectively gripe w/ me about the misery induced by no access to the season premier. as i had mentioned in one of yesterday’s posts, i don’t normally get much traffic to my blog. generally anywhere from 20-35 hits a day. the best day prior to yesterday was 54 hits. most people come to this blog to read about my horrible experience with the motorola razr, presumably since they’ve had similar experiences (the search engine terms are usually: razr sucks). anyway, yesterday i received 522 hits, 9/10’s of them being for the battlestar post. that post also received 20 comments – and i didn’t know a single person! i also got linked from an external blog for something other the ‘save the internet’ blog roll.  also, i was listed as the #3 fastest growing blog of over 400,000 on wordpress for a brief shining moment b/c of this post.  it was a very exciting day for me in cyberland, indeed.

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the beauty of masonry: the self-carrying vaults of eladio dieste

October 10, 2006 Leave a comment

yesterday at the UT SoA, a lecture was given by Stanford Anderson about Eladio Dieste, an architect/engineer/builder from Uruguay. Dieste’s design signature was his development of a masonry brick vaulting technique that allowed the vaults to be one brick thin while simultaneously spanning extremely large distances (in one instance up to 105′ between column supports) as well as extremely long cantilevers. this was done through the use of cable reinforcement and a layer of mortar (not visible to the eye). the cable was merely reinforcement – the strength of the vaults lay in their catenary curves.

beyond the engineering, the use of light and masonry techniques are quite beautiful. one of my favorite techniques is how he leaves a space between the end walls and the roof, which glows with light, in order to show that the wall is not supporting the vaulted roof structure at the end.

here are some pics from La Iglesia de Atlántida: (these don’t do the building justice – you really have to see how thin the roof is…)

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asylum street spankers, and a word about hits

October 10, 2006 Leave a comment

i don’t want to mention specifically what i’m talking about, for fear that this post might divert hits from the post i’m speaking about (which is the post directly preceding this one, about a certain tv show which has a fanatical fan base). wordpress gives stats on your blog, so i’ve been able to track how many hits i’ve had on a daily basis, shown as a line graph. the most hits i’d had in one day prior to today was 54. i don’t really care, i’m not trying to attract anyone here. people sometimes happen upon the blog through random searches or whatnot. anyway, yesterday i noticed an uptick in comments on my blog, all about the last post. cool, people are coming to my blog. this morning when i woke up there were about 10 more posts. i checked my stats – i was up to 385 hits for today alone. it flattened out the line graph for the last 7 days. yesterday i had 191, today i’m already up to 464 w/ 16 comments. i’m apparently the 5th hit on google when searching for a specific string relating to the last post.

people are commenting about whether or not the episode will be uploaded, when it will be available, if it will be available, etc. it will obviously be available, i don’t know why anyone even questions that. they wouldn’t have made a free episode download providing a recap of the previous 2 seasons if they didn’t intend on selling the 3rd season. something’s slowing them down, and it sucks, but it’s not like it won’t appear. if you can’t wait, there are other ways to download the video…

anyway, here’s a video from austin’s own asylum street spankers. we’re gonna go check out one of their shows soon. it’s a cute video w/ a catchy tune. it makes me laugh. go stick a magnetic ribbon up your SUV.

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battlestar galactica season 3 – where is it?!

October 7, 2006 20 comments

i’ve anxiously awaited this day for months – a chance to satiate my insane addiction to the most incredible show ever to grace the photonic brilliance of my tv (actually i watch it all on my laptop).  season 3 of battlestar galactica premiered last night, and being as i don’t have cable, i buy the episodes on the itune music store.  tv shows that are carried on itunes are avaialble the morning following their air dates.  itunes carries seasons 1 & 2 of battlestar galactica, plus the original mini-series.  logic follows that season 3 would be on itunes as well.  today is the day following the airing of the episode.  so where is it?!  i’m going to shrivel away to nothing if i don’t get my fix!

while you wait for galactica like me, perhaps you’d enjoy an alternate audio track to harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone.  created by an austinite, it is quite brilliant.  the downloadable mp3s and instructions for ‘wizard people’ are here.

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Grimshaw’s new design for Queens Museum of Art

October 5, 2006 Leave a comment

it was really exciting to see an article today in the NY Times about Grimshaw’s design for the Queens Museum of Art.   i took off last semester from school and worked at Grimshaw NY, and spent some time on the QMA project, so i was really happy to see it unveiled.  the design hasn’t changed much since i left in early july, and i was especially happy to see that the design for the west facade  (containing ‘Queens Museum of Art’ in the 138 languages spoken in Queen) remains. 


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