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"Additionally, the pleasures of WDW are to be enjo…

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“Additionally, the pleasures of WDW are to be enjoyed passively, without questioning, without imagining what else might be. They are to be experienced individually or at most in a group of two or four, and not in interacting with others. They are to be experienced with the small group (especially family group) with whom one entered the park; meeting and talking with others seems rare. And, finally, the pleasures are experienced precisely because a visitor does not have to think seriously about what to do next or what kind of environment to do it in. One can do whatever one wishes to do, and the setting is known to be safe, clean, and amusing.” (Adelaide H. Villmoare and Peter G. Stillman , Pleasure and Politics in Disney’s Utopia)

Disney World as utopian vision of the perfect american town – but lacking the true interaction of the town. WDW is the charicatured architecture to elicit the nostalgic emotional responses for the american town, and the pure joy of existing in a perfectly orchestrated and maintained town. Celebration, on the other hand, took the architecture and encouraged interaction – though there were some relatively serious infringements on personal freedom (depending on your point of view).

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