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architects are sexiest, of course

October 31, 2005 Leave a comment

found this article by way of a daily dose of architecture. what a wonderful article.
architects are sexy

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finally: web-based spreadsheets

October 30, 2005 1 comment

started playing w/ NumSum today, and though it’s in its infancy, NumSum is just what i’ve been looking for.  for nearly a year, i’ve wanted a web-accessible spreadsheet site so that i could update my excel-based checkbook and finances.  i used to save a copy of an excel sheet on my ftp or gmail, but downloading and uploading was a pain, and there were times when a computer i was on wouldn’t keep my formatting properly.  there was also the issue of privacy, since i do use public computers.

NumSum is a web-based social spreadsheet site.  you can share and tag spreadsheets between users and groups.  you can have them edited by the public, or make them private.  the tagging works w/ delicious.  sweet.

as i said, it’s in a nacent stage, so there are limited capabilities – this is not a web version of excel.  it’s for simple calculations.  i’m sure it will continue to advance, but love it for what it is right now.

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notes for development

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sustainability as inherently regional – how can we implement a top-down approach or system? how can LEED exist if we take a hard look at the basis of sustainability (our personal definition of sustainability…)?

‘sustainability’ is ground up, but education must be top-down. can LEED become a regional system? how small or big would those regions be? SW, NW, Central, SE, NE? bigger or smaller regions? there are so many eco-regions…

this should be part of the top-down education so that people actually understand ecosystem boundaries – but this concept of land and boundaries runs in direct conflict w/ Jeffersonian porperty conceptions.

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how to post a pic in wordpress?

October 25, 2005 Leave a comment

anybody in the wordpress community privy on how to post photos w/ the wordpress interface? i’ve uploaded photos, but when i drag and drop the photo (as it instructs) i just get an inserted url which of course doesn’t produce an image. furthermore the image doesn’t appear next time i try to edit the post. post in comments..

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how to talk to a telemarketer, and front row is awesome

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as all telemarketers are brainless script following dolts who can’t improvise worth a damn (if you’re a telemarketer and are getting hopping mad at my insulting your livelihood, don’t comment here – rather get another job), they should be responded to on equally aggravating terms. if a telemarketer manages to obtain your number and give you a call at a socially inconvenient time (any time they call), use the following script to give them embolisms.
Anti-telemarketer script (downloadable pdf)

and i installed front row, and must say it is beautiful and simple to use. i only wish apple would sell the remote control separately so that i could integrate this w/ my living room. cindy and i were already banking on getting an imac as our home computer sometime soon, but the addition of front row and integrated isight to the new imac makes it a no-brainer.

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some cool sites and downloads:

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get a design laser-etched into your powerbook or ipod:

super mario bros. theme performed by the london symphony orchestra:

front row for all apple macs downloaded, as quoted by, in the bay of pirates…

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bug w/ visual rich editor

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i can finally post again! i noticed when trying to edit entries that when the page loaded all text would disappear. this is for posts that already had text – the text would load momentarily and then disappear. wtf?! i went into options and turned off the visual rich editor, which is really a nice item which works fine in blogger and blogsome (wordpress’ older brother, or kid sister depending on how you look at it). voila – my posts work again and you can see text. i’m going to leave the empty posts as a testament to the buginess inherent in a new system, and will repost what should have been there in the first place.

i guess i’ll also make this blog public and add it to my growing list of sites. hopefully i’ll stick w/ this one, b/c i’ve made people remember 3 new addresses already.

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when will posting work again?!

October 25, 2005 2 comments
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wordpress screwing up?

October 24, 2005 2 comments
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home movies

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