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if microsoft designed the ipod packaging

February 28, 2006 Leave a comment
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ipod hifi

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yeah, yeah. just like everyone else, i’m disappointed in these ‘fun’ offerings from apple. however, i will say that the hifi is quite pretty. all those yahoos who are bitching over the design are idiots w/ zero design sense. just like all other apple products, it is clean and minimal. it’s freakin huge b/c:

  1. it hides the power transformer inside, so you don’t have to hide some monstrous brick of a power adapter
  2. it contains 3 speakers. while those could surely be smaller based on offerings from say, bose or klipsch, apple is certainly touting it as hi-fi. a double plastic case enclosure and something or other resin on the inside must do something for vibration and clarity.

otherwise, a more expensive mac mini and leather ipod cases? come on…

ipod hifi

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espresso, my sweet sweet friend

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despite your bitter first impression, you surprise me and infuse me. you make me alive, excited, bursting with energy, ready to conquer the world! and the more i drink of your intoxicating essence, the sweeter you become, until you are nothing but a layer of sugar coating the bottom of my cup of java, my cup of life.

espresso, you're my bitch

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UPDATE: origami by microsoft

February 28, 2006 Leave a comment

according to microsoft, the origami video is over a year old and was part of their concept development phase. are they trying to take the hype down a notch, or is that really not origami? it really does jive well with website…
DLmag: origami project
origami website

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aol/yahoo email charging scam

February 27, 2006 Leave a comment

i sent out either an eff or petition to my friends to protest the new aol/yahoo charging email scheme. i think its shite that they’re starting to charge for ‘electronic stamps’ to speed email through their filters in an effort to block spam. i think the whole concept is garbage and merely a disguise to extort $$ from consumers for what, admittedly, is a free service that must cost them loads to maintain. wintermute responded against the petition, saying “paying will simply let people bypass filters and get there faster. it’s like a cruise card at the toll both on the highway. if you don’t pay, you still get there, just slower. could be a deterrant against low-grade spam.”

i’ve read that tripe as well, and don’t buy it. here’s my take: it doesn’t really help email get there faster – that’s just marketing shite. how long does it take for you to get an email to me? 2 seconds? less? an email stamp is merely a way for big companies to start making money off fear. ‘will your email be considered spam? will it get sent to the spam folder? will it make it there in time?’ these are really questions of no import b/c these issues never occur. maybe .00001% of the time a real email is considered spam, but that’s usually only when it’s sent to a lot of people and has keywords that get picked up by filters.

what aol and yahoo are doing is finding a way to finance their anti-spam technologies. they hope that the income from email stamps will balance the costs that go into their anti-spam efforts. spam will always be a way of digital life just as junk mail is a way of analog life. google’s anti-spam is on the money – click a spam button and it gets reported back as spam for the greater community.

if this catches on w/ aol and yahoo, it becomes a stepping stone for eventually requiring payment for all email. you’ll get only a certain amount of emails free per month, and after that you need to buy. and then all bits of info are commodotized, freedom fails, and your mom sucks all life from this god forsaken rock we call earth…

here’s an article that sheds some light on the issue.

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February 27, 2006 Leave a comment has been rebranded good riddance to that stupid butler, anyway. that was such a tired device right from the getgo. anyhoo, has a clean new interface, full of ajax-y goodness. a ‘tools’ bar sits on the right side of the screen, w/ the most commonly used tools, such as web search, image search, news, maps, weather, etc. they all load instantly w/o refreshing the page. the maps feature is actually quite good – all the features of google maps, including aerial and hybrid view, but w/ two additional niceties – walking directions and a play button. just like google, will number all the steps for the directions, but you can also hit ‘play’ which will highlight each of the numbered steps along the route. and while google also has walking directions in their beta of a public transportation version of google local/google maps (surely to be bundled into the live google local at some point, but currently only supporting portland, oregon), has walking directions now.

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February 27, 2006 1 comment

the best video podcast:

the best IM pranks:

ask a ninja!

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origami by microsoft

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is it true? could it be? might microsoft finally unveil a good product? the video counterpart to the cryptic origami website certainly seems to indicate a potential hit for microsoft. after watching the video, the website makes a lot more sense – and would indicate that the video is for real. another thing that would indicate that it is real is that it’s an extremely well produced video w/ an extremely cohesive theme. this wasn’t created by some yahoo in his spare time a la ‘leaked’ mac products.
and it is rumored to be unveiled tomorrow (days before its official release of march 2), the day apple is set to release it’s new surprise.

origami video
origami website
apple announcement

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LIC goes ‘pop’ before i get there…

February 22, 2006 Leave a comment

my dad’s company used to be located in Long Island City, a generally industrial area of NYC just across the East River from Manhattan. i’ve been thinking over the past 2 yrs how LIC could be the next revival area, being as Brooklyn is on the verge of being priced out. LIC is filled w/ old loft buildings, perfect for conversion to living space. cobble stoned streets, right on the water, it seems like all the right ingredients. i was thinking that when we move up to NY in 5 yrs, LIC would be a great place to look at.

well, if you’re thinking of a great idea, surely others are, too.
$1 billion plan to expand the LIC waterfront

LIC watefront additions

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Republicans bash Bush Admin on Katrina

February 16, 2006 Leave a comment

“House Republicans plan to issue a blistering report on Wednesday that says the Bush administration delayed the evacuation of thousands of New Orleans residents by failing to act quickly on early reports that the levees had broken during Hurricane Katrina.

“A draft of the report, to be issued by an 11-member, all-Republican committee, says the Bush administration was informed on the day Hurricane Katrina hit that the levees had been breached, even though the president and other top administration officials earlier said that they had learned of the breach the next day.

“A White House spokesman said that President Bush was now focused on the future, not the past. A Department of Homeland Security spokesman said that Michael D. Brown, the former director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, was partly to blame for failing to make timely reports to his superiors.”

The Bush Administration is always looking to the future when they fuck up, and they never acknowledge in detail when they do. sometimes they’ll accept responsibility, but they’ll quickly take the focus off their mistake and instead look ahead as to how they’ll do better next time. FUCK THAT! the whole reason that they were elected was b/c they scared the shit out of people! they were elected exactly for the reasons that they failed – to maintain safety! such damn hypocrites.

i can’t remember where i quoted from. damn.

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