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subway announcements

March 23, 2006 Leave a comment

of the legible announcements i’ve heard on the subway (roughly 10%) these past few months, what i heard this morning ranks as the new number one (followed by the former number 1).

  1. when packing into a downtown local 1 train at 86th street: “there are 30 sets of doors to enter the train, please use all of them.  this is not noah’s ark.  if you can’t fit in the car in front of you, try another set of doors.  if that doesn’t work, try to wait for another train.”
  2. when traveling on a northbound 2 train near the fulton street stop: “change here for the 3, 4, 5, a, c, j, m, z trains and the PATH trains to Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew Jersey!”
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UPDATE: nyc teaching fellows are fit to teach

March 21, 2006 1 comment

it appears that i am a dumbass. i’ve been informed that my grammar correction of the ‘nyc teaching fellows’ ad is incorrect. they were right: it is ‘a NYC teaching fellow’, and not ‘an NYC teaching fellow’, as i believed. apparently speech and text differ at times.

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Google Maps on your site – made EASY

March 21, 2006 Leave a comment

in making my wedding website, i learned how to create custom google maps. rather, i learned that google’s documentation and the actual implementation are a bit lengthy and difficult if you are not too familiar with javascript (which i started to grasp in order to implement moo.fx as the basis for navigation on the site). what i then learned is that somebody made if super easy to make custom google maps – this guy took all the difficulty out of it, hosts a custom javascript on his server, and essentially lets you create your own maps pain free. you paste his script (really just a pointer to the script residing on his server), put your map in a

, set the height and width parameters, insert your location marker as a link, and put text descriptions for said marker as simply another div. you can then customize the fonts, colors, weights, borders, etc. of the description simly by css.

it’s wonderful. any site looks much more credible if it has its own custom google map. even if you’re only mapping the location of where your dog poops, your site is instantly a seriously professional looking site. (of course, i can’t do anything cool like that on this wordpress site b/c i have no access to code. or do i? i’ll have to check it out later)

GMapEZ – quick and painless Google Maps on your site.

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!!!!Exlamation Points on Digg!!!!!!!!!!!!!

March 21, 2006 Leave a comment

Hey – people submitting headlines to Digg: stop it w/ the tabloid practice of dropping exclamation points after every title, alright? If it’s worthy, people will read it.

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deaf Miss Texas gets a darwin award

March 15, 2006 1 comment

most people have enough common sense not to walk along railroad tracks. you would think that should be doubly true for a deaf person.
deaf Miss Texas struck and killed by train while text messaging as she walked home along railroad tracks

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hypocrite chef departs south park

March 15, 2006 Leave a comment

truly amazing! this man can take part in all of the insanely over the line jokes dished out by south park regarding jews, blacks, cripples, christians, rednecks, homosexuals, and everything else under the sun, but when it comes to his beloved scientology – well, that’s just crossing the line! how fucking hypocritical can a man be? and to boot, he suggested that trey parker and matt stone perhaps read a bit of scientology doctrine to learn the truth about its teachings! oh, the hilarity!

isaac hayes quits south park:

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digg for lawsuits

March 14, 2006 Leave a comment

i was thinking about how slow, painful, and layered w/ beauracratic garbage the legal system is. it can take years for a lawsuit to make it to court, and it can be a ridiculous and frivolous suit all the same. case in point, a jury throws out a lawsuit brought by a woman who claims that the benihana restaurant chain was directly responsible for her husband’s death. the fact that this case made it as far as it did is a compelling reason for the US cout system to switch to my new and improved method for advancing cases: the Digg method!

each case gets uploaded to a central website, where anyone can read the merits of the case. if you like the case, you digg it (essentially a thumbs-up for those with their heads in the sand), and it moves higher up the chain. those at the top get heard sooner than those at the bottom. there could even be a special round of digging to throw cases out of the system entirely. perhaps even with a pie in the face for the plaintiff as an added bonus.

this, of course, could never work, b/c you could never guarantee that everyone would get equal representation in the criminal justice system. however, it would be great to see what the current pulse of the nation, or the world even, finds to be either important or frivolous.

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artificial light is killing you!

March 14, 2006 Leave a comment

since this non-scientific article has no major data to back it up, i’ll take it at face value as an interesting article that i personally believe to be truthful. why? it makes sense to me. it seems logical. if this came out in Nature or some other medical journal, it would certainly make me seem less a gullible treehugger than a realistic and concerned citizen of the modern world.

anyway, the gist of it is that artificial light has indirectly resulted in the myriad of maladies plaguing modern man. the lack of sleep during dark hours apparently knocks us out of sync w/ our circadium ryhthms. no surprise there. what i found interesting, though, was the referral to early Earth organisms’ use of night-time darkness to repair dna damaged by daytime UV radiation. hmmm…

Shortness of Dark at

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moo.fx and javascript goodness

March 13, 2006 Leave a comment

i’m also trying like mad to finish updating the wedding website w/ some slick moo.fx javascript. it’ll make the site snazzy, fresh, light, and easy to navigate. the only problem is i don’t know javascript yet…

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further proof that the RAZR sucks!

March 13, 2006 22 comments

yes, its a great looking and slim phone. but that doesn’t stop it from sucking, big-time. aside from its horrendous interface (hello? take a cue from nokia and LG and make a semi-decent interface, ok?) the RAZR has hardware problems, yes it does. i am now on my 3rd RAZR since October, all having been replaced by warranty exchange. the issue? dropped calls and calls that never reach me at all!

my female companion and i speak several times a day. and several times a day i end up listening to her on VM. why? b/c i never receive the call in the first place. i just see ‘missed call’ and ‘voicemail’. it’s not my coverage, i always have 3-4 of bars. cingular’s tech support can’t ever seem to figure it out. they probably think i’m full of crap and just want replacement phones every few months. i respond by telling them i would gladly downgrade to a phone of lesser value just to have one that i can rely on, but of course that’s not an option. i can only have a replacement phone of the exact same model. the last time i spoke to them (3 wks ago) they hinted that maybe, just maybe, i might be able to switch phones if i have the same problem 3 times in a row (apparently my second warranty is on record for a different problem, though it was the exact same problem all 3 times).

and so here is proof, straight from the big moto’s mouth, of hardware causing my exact issue:

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