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Sony Vaio = worst laptop.

June 12, 2004 Leave a comment

it’s finally happened. the sound of my laptop’s cooling fan on permanent overdrive has FINALLY branded itself permanently onto my ear drums. i hate that thing.

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hello, i love you, won’t you show me your pic?

June 12, 2004 Leave a comment

wow, this new photo adding tool (called ‘hello’) provided by blogger is really awesome.

it’s 2am, and i’m doing a bajillion counts of lighting analysis on the UTSolarD house.

i’m getting hungry, but i’m restraining myself from a quick run to Metro to pick up a cookie b/c i notice i’ve gained some weight in the past few weeks (15 hr days in the studio will do that).

i just heard ‘cowboy take me away’ by the dixie chicks, i love that song. but now i’m listening to the new pornographers, and they’re my new favorite group. ‘out from blown speakers’ is my favorite song by them. favourite if your british.

it would be great if blogger could plug into my computer and update my site on what i’m literally listening to and doing at any give moment. nah, that’s kind of scary. maybe just an updated music playlist.

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to build a house of wood blocks…

June 12, 2004 Leave a comment

UTSolarD, hard at work building our house out of wood blocks. that’s me in the black tee, about to get knocked out by Courtney’s crazy wood block slamming antics.

sunset from school of architecture

June 12, 2004 Leave a comment

sunset from school of architecture balcony after the eeriest freak storm (that dumped half a foot of rain in a few hours)

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