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Wouldn’t you like to be a Pepper, too?!

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i love finding old songs from my past – like old cheesy childhood songs. but i’m talking about good pop songs by one-hit wonders – these songs are really just fun to listen to. what prompted this? WHO’S JOHNNY? by El DeBarge, which you may all remember from the movie Short Circuit. My associated memories w/ this song include roller skating at Hot Skates birthday parties (a memory also particularly linked w/ the Ghostbusters theme song).

Now, why the video for Who’s Johnny? was filmed in a courtroom is a little beyond me. Apparently the song is a pop love song, the video is about a convict, and the it’s in a movie about a smack-talking robot. go figure.

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on Vaio, Reagan, and hot water.

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and, as i’m waiting for my lovely little bitch computer – i love you, laptop, i really do, but you have so many freakin problems – to complete it’s virus scan, i think i’ll post again w/ a few tidbits that have occurred in the past day or so.

watched reagan’s funeral on nbc this morn. also on cbs, abc, and fox – the wb graciously didn’t interrupt their scheduled jerry springer marathon. i was 10 yrs old by the time reagan left office, so i remember growing up w/ reagan in office. i’m not particularly political, so i won’t bash him for this policy or that – despite some of them being pretty screwy. but i definitely liked him as a person from afar. i don’t think it’s hard to agree w/ all this schmaltzy ‘reagan was a good person, i love him’ stuff. he really did exude an amiability that none of the presidents since have displayed. the former canadian PM eulogy and british PM thatcher’s eulogy i thought were particularly eloquent. i didn’t feel that either of the Bush eulogies really displayed any warmth – at least the elder bush didn’t seem to, despite his getting choked up. the younger bush had some good speech writers on this one, but that didn’t seem to help the fact that he’s an imbecile and can’t speak in public anyway.

went to a forum on solar hot water heating yesterday, hoping it would impart some knowledge useful for the solarD house. it didn’t. as a matter of fact, it seemed like a hippie gathering. the first guy to speak was from a company called AET. no joke – this guy spoke as if he were an eighth grader giving his very first public appearance before the US Congress. he stammered, he faultered, he sweated bullets, he repeated himself, and he didn’t say ANYTHING about his company’s products. the only thing i learned was that AET believed strongly in using drain-back systems (which means that when the outdoor temp goes below freezing, or the water quality is bad, the system detects it and stops circulating and heating water). well, any solar hot water system that is in an area where either of these items might be an issue should have something like this installed, so AET isn’t bringing anything revolutionary to the market. really, this guy spoke for 20 minutes and said nothing. then the second guy to speak actually could speak in front of crowds. unfortunately, he too said absolutely nothing about HIS company’s product. his speech was a brief history in solar hot water heating dating back to 1890, and a pat on the back that solar hot water heating will save the environment. i got up and left at that point.

move to blogger

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i do believe i shall start to post solely on this here blogger thing.

i do believe i shall also continue to type-speak in a queer combination of british class and redneck sass.

watch me (and the rest of the UTSolarD team) work on the UTSolarD Cam.

i’ll slowly but surely post the backlog of my UT blog up here. i’ll miss coding my blog directly in simple html, but this will utlimately be easier, more accessable, and will continue to exist after i finish my graduate degree (though that’s still 2 years away).

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