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wow, it is rough to listen to your baby cry.  last week, my wife and i put Chicklet in her room and crib for the first time (she’s 6 months old today, and has slept in a bassinet attached to our bed every night till now).  along w/ this change was our decision to try the cry-it-out method (CIO).  cindy had been steadfast in her decision to pick Chicklet up every time she fussed at night – there is a philosophy (i don’t remember its name) that basically states that a child can learn to sleep the night by being soothed and loved, and that the child will eventually gather the self-confidence to sleep through the night on its own.  perhaps this is true, but in all likelihood, either the kid naturally soothes himself and goes to bed easily, or by the time the child has learned to soothe himself he’s likely grown old enough to outgrow the fear of separation and darkness and whatever other reason kids cry at night.

anyway, we decided to try out the CIO method, w/ the understanding that if Chicklet cries for 10 min or more, we’d go in.  that happened a few times the first night, maybe twice the second, and once the third.  she’s slept the night for about a week now.  tho she still wakes up crying, she soothes herself back to sleep in a few minutes max.  it’s absolutely heartbreaking to listen to her cry, but she’s learned pretty quickly how to help herself out.

tonight i’m handling Chicklet all by myself, as cindy is in NY for a conference for 2 days.  the last time i had Chicklet to myself, she was about 3 months old and my parents were visiting.  cindy was only gone for 1 night, but that night held no sleep for me.  i literally was holding Chicklet for nearly the entire night – every time i put her down, she cried (and we weren’t letting her cry it out back then).  i was exhausted.  what a difference a few months makes.  i can totally handle this baby on my own, though i miss our family evening routines.  ultimate point – i can actually get some work done now that Chicklet can sleep.  huzzah!

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