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2nd job offer!

i had another interview w/ my #2 choice, and it went pretty well.  they do a lot of commercial work, but it was compelling.  i’d be working on a pretty cool project, and there’s a lot of room for growth and initiative there.  the downside of the commerical work is that turnaround times are faster and there’s less time or room for intense detailing.  also, the commercial world hasn’t jumped full-on into the sustainable mindset, so it’s kind of hit/miss w/ how i might be able to design for a while.  this firm wants my knowledge and push for sustainable design, though, so they’d be utilizing me to the fullest extent possible.  my rapport w/ the principal was pretty good, and i felt very comfortable.  i left feeling good about this place.  the offer was lower than my first, but they offer overtime in addition to salary, which would put me above the $line of my first offer (based on a 40hr work week, i will obviously be working overtime).  they were also very open to me taking time off for my first child’s birth in november (!!!) as well as working from home a few days a week.

i think overall that my #1 choice still holds the trump card.  the work is more progressive and technologically driven.  they’re looking a lot into how people use the building, incorporating cutting edge technology in ambient environments, and pushing sustainability as far as possible.  i think what is holding me up is having a more definite idea of their work product and what my role will be.  i also felt a little tense during our first interview, so i want to be sure that i get along well w/ the team.  i called up and set up another interview for tomorrow.  the principal i spoke to was very nice and accomodating.

i also forgot that i have another 2nd interview next week w/ a 3rd firm.  i’ve already written them off as a #3, but still, the more offers on the table the better.  i rescheduled w/ them for tomorrow as well.  hopefully by the end of this week i’ll have made my decision about where i’ll be working – and then i will hold off until graduation before splurging on my self-congratulatory present: a nintento wii!!

  1. solentdreams
    April 17, 2007 at 5:24 pm


    I’m job hunting at the moment… not much in the pipeline yet…

    Well done!


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