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McDonald’s Arches as Breasts

i heard this theory in my American Architecture class last semester. the idea was that the golden arches were designed to subconsciously resemble breasts, causing a primal desire to eat – ideally at mcdonalds. the professor echoed what we were all thinking – this theory is ridiculous.  but he acknowledged that every time since he’d heard the theory he couldn’t help but think of boobs whenever he saw a mcdonald’s sign. now i have the same problem. and maybe you will, too.

golden arches

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  1. June 9, 2011 at 2:47 pm

    Your Professor thought that theory was ridiculous?

    Well there’s a great lesson for you right there. Those what can’t ‘do,’….teach.

    I sure hope he came up with a contradictory argument about why McDonald’s chose ‘golden arches.’ Something other than “It’s must a rounded-off ‘M’,” I hope.

    As babies we seek out the breast for food. And the only thing that would make the golden arches any more breast-like would be a a nipple shaped like a hamburger.

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