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simultaneous: excited and bummed

the interview that i rocked the other day is leaving me kind of bummed.  during the interview, my interviewer practically said he would be extending me an offer.  today, though, at a networking event he talked about how my timeline (taking one month off after graduation to relax and get my travels and life in order) was too far out him, and that i should keep his firm in mind if things change or if i continue looking later.  so that’s a bummer – i don’t think i should expect an offer from them so soon.  it would be disingenuous of me to not give realistic expectations of my timeline, but at the same time, i think that i could have been vague about my start date for a little bit longer.

on the other hand, i had 3 interviews since friday, another one tomorrow, and i’m trying to get 2 more in the pipeline.  of my 2 interviews yesterday, i really liked one of them, and my interview today i felt was a smashing success.  i think that i might honestly prefer today’s firm out of all the ones i’ve interviewed w/ so far.  really good vibe from the principal, and my sustainable design focus is serving me very, very well.  my interview tomorrow seems exciting as well – i have a friend who works there and has talked it up.  they are a small satellite office looking to grow, and the firm itself is international and 6000 people strong.   let’s hope for good things tomorrow.

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