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Ban Plastic Grocery Bags

i think i read a while back about ireland going ahead w/ this, and i’m sure other places in europe, being way more progressive environmentally than the US, have instituted this already. San Francisco has just become the first city in the US to ban the use of plastic bags at grocery stores. Wonderful! Finally! plastic grocery bags are such a ridiculous nuisance, such a waste of resources, such a source of trash and pollution. they litter streets, nobody recycles them (sure, bring them back to the grocery store – nobody remembers to do that, or it’s too much of a ‘hassle’). instead, bring your own reusable bag. they’ve been doing it the world over for thousands of years – the ‘market’ that we americans love to patronize as tourists b/c it’s so quaint and filled w/ history – how do you think they brought those fruits, veggies, and meats home?

this is a move that will surely be followed by other cities, though it will likely take some time for those dominoes to fall. the more we realize how dependent our society is on petroleum products, and the more we try to cut back on its frivolous use, the more we’ll see things change toward (hopefully, as long as desireable alternates exist or arise to fill the gap) a more sustainable lifestyle.

San Francisco bans plastic grocery bags[CNN]

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