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honeywell and customer service

the thermostat in my house died the other day – digital readout was completely gone.  the thermostat in one of my last apartments was battery operated, so i figured maybe all it needed was a new battery.  i tried pulling the thermostat off the wall, but it felt more like i was going to rip it out instead of neatly disconnecting as it should.  perhaps this thermostat was tied directly into some wires on the wall?  highly unlikely, but i wasn’t going to mess it up, so i left it alone.

i decided to check honeywell’s website, as it’s a honeywell thermostat.  to go through support, as w/ most products, i needed the model number.  interestingly, this thermostat had no model number.  anywhere.  being a tech geek, i know where to find model numbers, but there just wasn’t anything on this hunk of plastic.   so i continued through the support section looking for troubleshooting info.  they provided a method for finding the model number if you couldn’t find it yourself – this involved identifying your thermostat according to a set of provided criteria: is it digital?  does it have a flip cover?  is it battery operated?  does it have 6 or 2 buttons?  etc.  it appeared that my thermostat was not battery operated, and i knew it was digital, had no flip cover, was programmable, and had 4 buttons.  my thermostat didn’t fit into any of their neat categories, and therefore they couldn’t tell me where to find the model number.  i found that pretty funny.  my thermostat also looked nothing like any of the thermostat pictures they showed.

i finally got to an email form (it was mentioned that if all else failed, i could call them, but they never showed a phone number anywhere, no matter how many pages i clicked through).  the email form asked a lot of questions, such as what is the model number, etc.  i filled it out to the best of my knowledge, but in the comment box i wrote: “i have a honeywell thermostat that seems to have completely died – the digital readout doesn’t work. i can’t find the model number of this type in order to troubleshoot.”

i just received a reply from honeywell: “We would be happy to assist you however; we need the model number of the thermostat.”

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