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battlestar galactica season 3 has been a let down…

the first few episodes rocked, and the rescue from new caprica was perhaps one of the best episodes ever.  also, the eye of jupiter episodes were pretty good.  but for the most part, they’ve spent a lot of episodes w/ filler – trying to do character development, but it really seems kind of lame.  especially when a few episodes later, the character seems to act completely differently than the one where he/she was just spotlighted.  it’s as if that whole character development episode just didn’t happen at all.  and then add to that the fact that a lot of the character development seems kind of superficial.

for instance, this past week chief tyrol was put in charge of getting the fuel refining ship in order.  that ship had a crew that had worked practically non-stop since the original attack (or at least since the departure from new caprica) and was on the verge of strike.  fine.  but adama and roslin say that there will be no strike, just get the ship working and we’ll talk about fixing working conditions afterward.  this conversation occurs, of course, as they sip wine (which adama’s never done before, apparently being a scotch/bourbon type of guy).  touche.  eventually, they concede to recruitment for more workers to the refinery in order to allow workers some time off.  seems reasonable.  finally when one of the new recruits gets horribly injured on the job tyrol calls for a strike.  he gets arrested.  adama threatens to shoot him and his wife – oh please.  like he would ever do that.  they were just trying to show a battle of the classes.  finally at the end of the show, roslin acquiesces to the formation of a union – something she wouldn’t have allowed at the start of the episode.  the whole thing was just so silly.

battlestar galactica used to be good at dealing w/ political issues, racism, and class struggle.  it seems that most of this season, though, has been half thought out.

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