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i’ve been waiting 4 years to go to SXSW – something always came up so that i wasn’t in austin during spring break.  but this year was going to be different – this year i was gonna go no matter what!  well, combine the fact that i need to complete a bunch of schoolwork, go to some important appointments, drive up to Dallas for a weekend, and pay the price of my firstborn child for a pass, i decided to pass on SXSW this year.  next year, for sure!

so i was psyched to see on austinist this morning an absolutely ridiculous lineup at the Mohawk on Mar. 14 from 11a – 6p, and it’s completely free!  why austinist has to pair up w/ gothamist for this, i don’t know – last time i checked SXSW and the Mohawk are both completely within the city boundaries of austin, but whatever.  i can’t claim to know a bunch of the artists featured, but it’s being headlined by Architecture in Helsinki (or their page on last.fm), which i know and love.  unfortunately, i have a doctor appt. from 10:15a-11:30a that day, so if they start the show, then i’ll probably miss them.  regardless, i will definitely be at the Mohawk that day, so come join me if you have some time and want to catch some good music – FREE!

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  1. kel
    March 12, 2007 at 1:17 am

    this is the lineup times, taken from the gothamist site: (looks like you’ll be able to catch Architecture in Helsinki 😀 )

    Indoor Stage

    1150am-1220pm Lexie Mountain Boys
    1235pm-105pm Tom Brosseau
    120pm-150pm Sparrow House
    205pm-235pm Teitur
    250pm-320pm Peter and the Wolf
    335pm-405pm Stars of Track and Field
    420pm-450pm Hourly Radio
    505pm-545pm Loney, Dear

    Outdoor Stage

    1140am-1205pm The Shivers
    1220pm-1245pm Hello Stranger
    1pm-125pm Loxsly
    140pm-205pm Earl Greyhound
    220pm-250pm The Forms
    305pm-335pm Headlights
    350pm-420pm Nicole Atkins
    435pm-505pm Apes & Androids
    520pm-6pm Architecture in Helsinki

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