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Experian my ass

somebody just called my home phone, claiming to be from Experian, and asking if this was the location of some business name that i couldn’t understand. i said that there was no business here by that name, and so the person asked to speak to someone in the household that could verify information about our phone number (since that business perhaps used to have this number). well, how do i know that they’re Experian? i could call up anybody in the phonebook and say that i’m a credit bureau, please give me your info! i explained that though i know what Experian is, i have no way of verifying that this phone call is actually originating from Experian, and i won’t be furnishing any information. the person on the other end then proceeds to explain to me what Experian is in an effort to assure me that this is legit. it probably is for all i know. but for all i know it isn’t and they’re going to take some info about me and use it for some fraudulent purpose. i have no idea what questions they were going to ask, but i’m certainly not taking that chance.

after i explained that i wasn’t going to answer her questions, i expected another petition to please answer her questions.  instead, i was answered w/ dead silence.  ‘hello?’  i guess she hung up.  goodbye Experian!

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