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why i’m done w/ ms office

an article just came out out in today’s sunday NYTimes describing the evolution of online word processors.  it’s something i’ve followed for a while already, and i jumped ship to writely sometime last year before it was acquired by google.  i used writely, now google documents, for taking notes in class as well as for writing short papers.  i still use it for those types of documents.  then came google spreadsheets, which are extremely convenient for most of the excel type work that i do.  the ability to share these documents and collborate on them w/ other people is killer – i generally don’t edit these documents simultaneously w/ other people, but it is much cleaner than sending docs back and forth (it’s inevitable that somebody at some point forgets to email the most recent version, plus the irritation of having to find it somewhere in an email sent however long ago).

i haven’t opened any office application in some time, w/ the exception of opening up a professor’s syllabus in order to convert it to pdf.  i certainly will have to use powerpoint soon, so that might be the clincher.  google doesn’t have a powerpoint app, though indications are that it should be unveiled shortly.  there are plenty of other online office editors, such as zoho (which recently teamed up w/ omnidrive).  even though i have an omnidrive account (i am constantly irritated by their insistance that a mac client is coming but never actually producing it) and know that zoho has apparently better offerings than google, i’m kind of married to google (gmail, calendar, docs & spreadsheets) and don’t mind waiting for google to upgrade their products.  i don’t have need at the moment for anything more serious than what they have, but will welcome the better versions when they arrive.

even when i might have need for something a little more serious than google docs & spreadsheets, i can always use OpenOffice, a completely free alternative to MS Office.  it’s quite good, and unless you have some serious lifting to do w/ your spreadsheets, OpenOffice is a really good alternative.  it comes w/ word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation applications.

so w/ all of that in mind, is there any reason that i, as a student or small business, should buy MS Office for hundreds of dollars?  actually, as a student at UT i can get it for $5, but regardless…  i can’t really see the upside.  i’ll stick to the burgeoning web applications.


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  1. February 12, 2007 at 3:57 pm

    HI there, we have delayed the Mac client for good reasons, we want it to be super-good come release this week. If you would like me to send you the client, email me on nik at omnidrive.com. cheers, nik

  2. February 13, 2007 at 5:54 am

    so then the Omnidrive Mac client is slated for release this week, Feb.11-17? ok, looking forward to it, but i’ve heard omnidrive announce release dates for the Mac client several times before and it’s never arrived… i know it’s out there, i just wish it would publicly show up already.

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