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the majority is inherently dumb

an underground ad campaign consisting of LED lit cartoon characters is somehow misconstrued as a bomb threat:

the only difference between these ads and others that have been plastered for years around major cities is that this time instead of paper, the ad consisted of lights. even more ridiculous than this being construed as a bomb threat is the type of remark released by the Boston authorities, displaying their complete lack of understanding of not only advertising (b/c sometimes, it really is off the mark) but more importantly reality. their remarks show that they live in a greater reality distortion field than created by Steve Jobs. here are their remarks from the CNN article linked above, and here is the culprit mistaken as a ‘bomb’.

“Boston Police Commissioner Edward Davis called the stunt “unconscionable,” while Boston Mayor Thomas Menino called it “outrageous” and the product of “corporate greed.” Democratic Rep. Ed Markey, a Boston-area congressman, added, “It would be hard to dream up a more appalling publicity stunt.”

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