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just accept the money!

i just called cingular to dispute $170 worth of roaming charges on my bill. i definitely accrued some roaming charges – from the bahamas on my bachelor party weekend, but definitely not that much! it turns out that if you keep your phone on while you’re in a roaming area, cingular will charge you 1 minute each for all incoming calls AND 1 minute each for each call forwarded to voicemail. what?! i specifically called to find out about my phone and roaming before going on the trip, and was never told this. that’s why i specifically never picked up the phone and let it go to voicemail! i kept the phone on in case anyone called with an emergency.

so anyway, i called cingular to dispute the charge, and the person i spoke w/ was going to refund me about $54 for each call that i didn’t pick up and that went straight to voicemail – basically half the cost for all of the calls that went to VM. i said i was not happy w/ that and wanted more, but that’s all she could do. as i didn’t have patience to continue arguing today (on other days, maybe) i said that was fine. here’s where i should have kept my mouth shut:

cingular rep: please observe a moment of silence as i enter the data and refund into the system.

me: ok.

a moment later…

cingular rep: i’ve entered in the amount and you have a credit of $113 on your next billing cycle. do you have any questions?

me: yes – how did it go from a refund of $54 to $113?

cingular rep: …(silence)…

me: oh. no, i have no questions, thanks.

cingular rep: thank you for calling the new at&t.

i hope i didn’t get her reprimanded.

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