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Ruby’s BBQ – delicious and organic!

i’ve been in austin for several years, and though i still have not made it out to Salt Lick (i know, i know, i’ll get around to it soon), i’ve been eating a lot of bbq. and i love me some good bbq. nothing like a good briscuit sandwich. mmm… and so i realized yesterday when i got a sandwich at Ruby’s bbq, that i’ve never written about them. here’s the review: Ruby’s rocks.

the first time i went to Ruby’s, i wasn’t expecting anything in particular, just some bbq. i’d ridden by it on numerous occassions, but had never gone in. obviously at a certain point, you feel obligated to try something you see so often – plus the sign w/ the giant skull out front is awesome. so i went inside one day, looked at the menu, and was deciding on what to eat when i saw an info packet next to the register. Ruby’s serves B3R all-natural organic beef. end of story, i’m hooked. this is austin, so organic is expected in many places, but i never really expected to find organic bbq. i had the B3R bricuit sandwich (B3R has since been bought by Coleman Meats, who continues to raise all-natural beef), and it was fantastic. so good, in fact, that i rarely get anything else when i go to Ruby’s. i’m kind of like that – w/ a particular type of food or place, i stick to one dish. for instance, if i go to a standard Chinese restaurant – not one that i know is really good – i’ll always get chicken lo-mein. same w/ italian – unless this a good place, i’ll get chicken parmigiana. i love these dishes, and generally i’m pretty experimental w/ the types of foods i order. it’s really just chinese and italian – and now Ruby’s.

the decor is just how you expect a bbq joint to be. it’s an old house that’s slightly run down. outside painted all yellow, big steer skull on the roof, interior is all wood paneling, pictures of local blues and rock legeneds and signed notes cover the walls, random assortment of chairs and tables, beans cooking in a beat up pot behind the counter, and the best damn match books you’ve ever seen. i pick up a book of matches every time i’m in there, but i don’t smoke. i just like the way they look. there’s also a covered outdoor seating area where the wall is littered w/ ads for local shows. there’s a stage in the back, but i’m not sure it’s used. the smokehouse is also out back – everytime i drive or bike down guadalupe by 30th, i can smell Ruby’s and i start to salivate.

the sandwich comes on a seedless bun, brimming w/ cut briscuit, a paper cup filled w/ bbq sauce (enough to drench the sandwich), and a side of pickles and onions to add to the sandwich, all on a tray covered in a sheet of wax paper. i usually leave the onions out. you can order side dishes as well, but to me, it detracts from the delicious experience of that sandwich. the one thing i DO get, is a bottomless glass of RC Cola. now, to me, bbq doesn’t go w/ Coke. it goes w/ RC Cola. RC is sweeter, and somehow has that down-home feel that you just can’t get w/ one of the largest corporations in the world. call me crazy. anyway, that’s pretty much all i eat at Ruby’s, and i would do well to try out some other dishes one of these days, but until then, know that Ruby’s serves all-natural grass fed beef and they do it well. also check out the press page on Ruby’s website to see their numerous favorable reviews in the likes of NYTimes Style Magazine, Texas Monthly, Esquire, and others

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