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asylum street spankers, and a word about hits

i don’t want to mention specifically what i’m talking about, for fear that this post might divert hits from the post i’m speaking about (which is the post directly preceding this one, about a certain tv show which has a fanatical fan base). wordpress gives stats on your blog, so i’ve been able to track how many hits i’ve had on a daily basis, shown as a line graph. the most hits i’d had in one day prior to today was 54. i don’t really care, i’m not trying to attract anyone here. people sometimes happen upon the blog through random searches or whatnot. anyway, yesterday i noticed an uptick in comments on my blog, all about the last post. cool, people are coming to my blog. this morning when i woke up there were about 10 more posts. i checked my stats – i was up to 385 hits for today alone. it flattened out the line graph for the last 7 days. yesterday i had 191, today i’m already up to 464 w/ 16 comments. i’m apparently the 5th hit on google when searching for a specific string relating to the last post.

people are commenting about whether or not the episode will be uploaded, when it will be available, if it will be available, etc. it will obviously be available, i don’t know why anyone even questions that. they wouldn’t have made a free episode download providing a recap of the previous 2 seasons if they didn’t intend on selling the 3rd season. something’s slowing them down, and it sucks, but it’s not like it won’t appear. if you can’t wait, there are other ways to download the video…

anyway, here’s a video from austin’s own asylum street spankers. we’re gonna go check out one of their shows soon. it’s a cute video w/ a catchy tune. it makes me laugh. go stick a magnetic ribbon up your SUV.

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