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i am being force-fed Starbucks!!!

September 29, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

i have succumbed to the multi-planetary mega-corporation that is Starbucks. i now drink their coffee w/ increasing frequency (as opposed to the once in a while drink when they were the only coffee shop nearby). i don’t know if i can blame Starbucks or the ridiculous rents that seem to be constantly on the rise on the Drag (which i fear is the real culprit), but Starbucks is now the only decent coffee shop on the Drag. here’s what’s happened:

when i started school, we had Metro, Cafe Matisse, Starbucks, Little City, Mojo’s, Einstein Bagels, and Spider House a little ways north. Peet’s Coffee opened up about 2 years ago (although Peet’s is also a chain, they’re not Starbucks). Metro is where i finally started drinking coffee, and it was a match made in heaven for us architecture students – directly across the street from the architecture building and open 24 hours. either my taste in coffee has evolved (which it definitely has) or Metro’s coffee quality has gone straight to hell (which it definitely has). i can no longer stand to waste $1.50 on their brown water, especially since they’ve stopped accepting credit cards (at all! not even a minimum purchase!) and are no longer open 24 hours. So Metro is now completely out of the question. Mojo’s closed. Peet’s closed. Little City just closed (though their downtown location remains open). Little City’s closing is the real downer, as they had by far the best coffee on the drag and the coolest place. Cafe Matisse seems to be on permanent vacation and hasn’t opened for a while. Einstein Bagel’s coffee is pretty much on par w/ Metro – dark water, although it always smells nice. Spider House is too far to walk for a coffee during school. That leaves Starbucks as the only option. Dang.

on a side note, Dhaba Joy, a side venture from Toy Joy – the coolest toy store on Planet Earth, just opened. it’s next door to Toy Joy at 29th and Guadalupe, and Austinist says that they make fantastic spicy coffee – spicy coffee?! can’t wait to try it.

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