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following my burgeoning tradition of posting on gnarly new eateries, let me introduce you to East Side Pies. i ate there a few weeks ago, and though their website is utterly craptastic, their pizza is pretty good. i randomly came across them as i was driving home, and what a serendipidous discovery it was.

it’s thin-crust, so you should know that at the get-go. it’s also pretty expensive, with a regular slice at $2.50 and meat/veggie at $3.00. **side rant: generally speaking, i don’t know what the hell’s been going on w/ pizza pricing lately. pizza was still $1.25 in NY when i graduate high school. maybe $1.50. but where in the world is this inflationary runaway pizza pricing train coming from?! it’s a piece of dough, some tomato sauce, and some cheese. it costs, what, $0.20 per slice to make? cut us some slack pizza guys! back to east side pie – i think they’re price is also high considering they’re in east austin, where the vibe is hip and affordable.

ANYWAY, the pizza itself was good! similarly to el chilito, it’s just a walk-up place w/ outdoor seating. previous businesses in the location used to be a florist as well as a fish shop, or so i was told when i asked. 🙂 east side pies is painted all funky red, white, and black – it gives a 50’s vibe. the guys inside this tiny place seemed pretty cool, and they were psyched to be there – they were loud and excited about making pizza when i ordered. hey, somebody has to be. i’m pretty sure they had a liquor license app in the window when i stopped by, but their current menu (on the web site) doesn’t show beer, so who knows.

east side pizza is definitely a welcome addition to the austin quick-eats scene, as well as the ever-expanding collection of interesting east side joints.

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  1. August 30, 2006 at 7:07 pm

    Thanks for the glowing recommendation. We use the best ingredients we can find. I guess our prices are just right for
    the product we are pushing out the door. Our slice pizza is 20 -21 inch diameter. We have 39 sq inch slices. There are alternative pizza shops on the east side, zb.. Little Caesrs on 7th , pizza Hut, and they use real cheese also. We will not sell beer, our next door neighbour is a church, but you can bring your own. We love what we do, we love you too. I hope our pie is as tasty as the pizza in Chicago, New Jersey, Wisconsin and of course NYC. Our website will only improve as our knowlege of web development continues… thanks for the kind words.
    Michael , chef and co-owner ,eastsidepies.

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