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a small break from the heat? please?

it’s supposed to rain this weekend, providing a break from the 100+degree weather we’ve been getting for over a week already.  it’s funny that break from the heat means 97 degrees.  on the plus side that really ought to motivate me to go swimming in the new kick-ass UT outdoor pool.  new meaning open since december, and kick-ass meaning pretty much nicer than nearly every resort pool i’ve seen.

there are 3 pools – one dedicated solely to lap swimming, and 2 recreation pool. the uppermost of the 2 rec pools has a dedicated volleyball net and 2 basketball hoops.  3 openings in the limestone wall allow water to cascade into the pool.  the water from this pool then cascades into the lower rec pool (it’s actually an independent waterfall, but it sounds so much cooler when they’re linked), which is more of the lounging rec pool.  it’s amorphous, and has an area where chaize lounges sit in the water (the floor is about 1′ below water level in this area).  the whole area is limestone, of course (this is UT), and there are 25′ tall palm trees all about.  chaizes everywhere.  seating areas below trellises w/ ceiling fans ring most of the pool area.  there’s a cafe.  and wifi.  and a jacuzzi (though i wouldn’t get into it until the temp drops a bit).  is this a university or a spa?  i don’t care, b/c i get to use it free and it rocks.

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