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i really want to like omnidrive, but…

omnidrive is a remote storage service – it’s kind of like an external hard drive accessed through a website. it’s got all sorts of other features that are supposed to enable easy sharing of files and info, as well as the ability to access the space through your windows explorer or mac finder as though it were a networked drive. unfortunately, it doesn’t work all that well. the upload and download rates are quite good – way better than my ftp space. however, once a file is uploaded, it may take the server 10-15 minutes to register the new file. this means that my web browser continues to think a page is loading. also, i can’t share any files the way the service claims they should be – this feature is apparently down during the current round of beta testing. honestly, this was one of my main draws to try out the service (i share a lot of files for my design projects). additionally – and this irks me most of all – the mac client is down, and has been down since the end of july. they keep making claims that it will be available, yet somehow the mac client continues to be MIA.

granted, they are still in beta – normally i’d cut them slack for all of these things not working as they should. i’m just irritated that they keep telling users that this or that will be available at a certain time, and it never is. for the past 2.5 weeks i’ve watched their blog postings say that a new web interface will be rolled out, and the mac client will be made available following their every-other weekend update. for 2.5 weeks nothing has happened. i wouldn’t mind so much that these things weren’t happening if they didn’t continue to make claims that they would. maybe they should just keep mum and then surprise us all w/ some changes – and THEN post on their blog about the new changes.

techcrunch has a writeup on remote storage, and seems to like omnidrive best of all. so assuming that things go according to their plan, omnidrive will kick butt when it goes fully live. until then, you can sign up for a beta account at www.omnidrive.com

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  1. August 16, 2006 at 7:43 am

    Hi Kenny,

    The delay with the files being seen in the desktop clients is something that we have addressed in the upcoming 0.6 release. The model has changed from the client polling the server for changes to new changes and new files being pushed down to the client, meaning that new files and folders will appear almost instantly.

    I appreciate you cutting us some slack because yes we are in beta right now. Omnidrive is a very ambitious project, we have our storage backend, the API for developers, desktop clients on 3 different platfrorms, a web interface and a lot more. I am sure that when it all comes together in time for launch it will be worth it. Feedback from users such as yourself really help us out because our own testing can’t show what a large number of real users experience over a period of time.

    The Mac client got pulled because it had some serious issues but it will be re-launched on the 27th of August release, along with API toolkits in Java, C++ and PHP and unrestricted sharing between users (with the new model which makes it more instant).

    I admit that some of our support people have given out wrong dates for when things might launch, we don’t intend to launch the new web interface for another 2 releases, the changes that were referenced were incremental fixes to the existing interface.

    Hope you will enjoy using Omnidrive as we push more and more releases out and thansk for the feedback,


  2. August 17, 2006 at 4:31 pm

    i have to say, that’s quite cool that one of the founders of omnidrive responded to my post.

    these explanations help clear a lot of the frustration surrounding the current state of omnidrive (for me at least). i still think that posting this info on the blog would be nice, as there are a lot of people who i’m sure are waiting for the mac client.

    here’s to a great new version of omnidrive!

  3. August 18, 2006 at 2:28 am

    Hey Kenny, we really like interacting with users, on blogs, on mailing lists, on email or even people who just show up at our office.. after all we are building Omnidrive for our users 🙂

    We just hired somebody today who will be working full time on communications so the blog will get better and more informative. We want to make it more than just a corporate blog and will become the #1 way for us to communicate everything with our users (and vice-versa)


  1. September 3, 2006 at 5:41 am

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