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mmm…pie: Boomerang's Meat & Veggie Pies

i’ve been up working since about 5am, thanks to a certain canine fiend who felt compelled to protect us from a feline visitor in our backyard starting at about 3:45a. protection consists of barking – had he actually the chance to confront the cat, i’m sure it’d whoop his ass. i happened to already be up – i was having trouble sleeping last night – so i’d heard the cat meowing before Nathan ever had a chance to bark. if i hadn’t have had that knowledge before the barking set in, i’d have actually been concerned that someone was in the backyard. as it stood, i was able to just throw a boot across the room.

anyway, before i knew it, i’d worked through to 1:30p and was starving. having stayed in the house for work all week, i figured it would be a nice change of pace to go out for lunch and work somewhere else for the rest of the afternoon. so pack it on up i did, to head over to Austin’s own Aussie joint: Boomerang’s Meat & Veggie Pies! if that name doesn’t instill a drool inducing stupor-hunger, then really nothing will. of course, being that this is Austin, there is free wi-fi.

what to order? the menu is actually pretty limited, which is just fine – how many different types of meat/veggie pies do you need? this type of food is good for a quick bite, but i think that it will ultimately find its calling as late night post-bar food once the new condos next door are completed. that would require Boomerang’s to extend their hours, being as they currently close at 9p and aren’t open Sundays.

i had a tame chicken/mushroom meat pie, tho the chicken pies include a spicy adobe southwestern pie as well as a thai chicken pie. there are about 4 beef pies, and 2 veggie pies. they’re held kind of like burgers. tho my chicken/mushroom pie was not spicy, it totally hit the spot. i haven’t yet tried any other offering from Boomerang’s, but i’d definitely recommend it for a quick pickme up. and also b/c it’s fun to say meat pie. www.boomerangspies.com

and also, here’s another ode to pie: http://www.weebls-stuff.com/flash/pie.swf

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