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pleasant weather

maybe it’s b/c i stepped outside in my towel, still wet from a shower, but it feels dang nice outside right now.  the thermometer currently reads 84, going up to a high today of 96 – essentially unchanged for the last several weeks w/ no end in sight.  wunderground.com claims that austin has averaged 1.02″ of precipitation since july1, but i think that’s indulging the rain gods a bit.  there’s been one rain storm since i’ve been back, and there was enough rain for me to hear it actually dripping off the roof.  it lasted about 30 minutes.  since then, we’ve gotten a few minutes of scattered rain drops here and there, but no significant relief from the heat.

practically every lawn is yellow and brown, and many trees are dropping their leaves.  normally at this time of year, austin gets drenched w/ a thunderstorm just about every day around mid-afternoon.  last year when we were building the SNAP House, we became quite skilled in foretelling the direction and timing until the thunderstorms would hit based on a few clouds down the horizon – we’d end up spending 40 minutes draping the house in an enormous tarp (that is, until we had the house waterproofed and dried in, of course).  this year, though, we are in full drought mode.  lake water levels are quite low (this does happen every year, but it seems pretty nasty this year) and water consumption alerts are in effect.

and yet, it feels quite nice outside right now.  🙂

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