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early suggestion for kickass holiday/Christmas party music

i’m a fan of the Invincible Czars. i posted the other week about their live score for Aelita: Queen of Mars shown at Alamo Drafthouse downtown. i snagged a copy of their version of the Nuctracker Suite, and while it’s not the whole suite, it’s enough. in all honesty, some of the instruments can sound off at times, but we can all cut them some slack since they’re not a full time band and their music is fun.

anyway, their Nutcracker music would make for a great holiday party soundtrack. it’s a rock-bluegrass-electric version, which makes it totally appropriate for your rockin party, and also appropriate b/c you’re cool and you’re party is cool. they even fit sgt. pepper into it. if you could convince your drunk friend to dress up in a tutu and make a random dash through the room at appropriate times followed by a giant rat and a giant snowflake, you’d definite have the best party on the block. no doubt.


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  1. August 12, 2006 at 11:50 am


    Just wanted to let you know that the Invincible Czars are doing this live score once again on August 24 at the Lake Creek Alamo – http://www.invincibleczars.com/aelita

    David for the Czars

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