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crack makes me tired

had to watch 4 episodes of Galactica last night, back to back.  we’ve been watching 2 episodes a night – at this rate we should have season 2 completed by the end of the weekend.  last night we started w/ episode 209 ‘flight of the phoenix’.  i can’t even remember exactly what happened in that episode – they’re all just kind of blurring together at this point.  as the episode title suggests, though, the crew created a new fighter plane in this episode.  what’s really important to note is that 209 was our first episode of the night – episode 210 introduced a brand new battlestar into the series, as the Battlestar Pegasus managed to stumble upon Galactica and their fleet.  the commander of Pegasus was an Admiral, meaning that Adama was outranked and had to relinquish control of the fleet over to Admiral Cain of the Pegasus.  what’s so crazy about this that we had to watch 2 more episodes and stay up much later than normal?  Admiral Kane is what was so crazy.  she killed people right and left, a real power-fuzzed nutcase.  so of course when one of her lieutenants tries to rape the Cyclon Sharon, the Chief and Helo (both of Galactica) go apeshit and accidentally kill him in the ensuing brawl.  Cain decides to summarily execute them both.  this leads to slightly strained relations between Galactica and Pegasus, to say the least.  both ships were on the verge of a shooting war when the episode ended.  well OF COURSE we had to watch the next one!

well the next episode also left us hanging, as both Adama and Cain put aside their differences momentarily in order to make a surprise attack on the Cyclons.  however, at the end of this episode, we see both Adama and Cain make preparations to assassinate each other following the raid.  awesome.  damn!  i’m confused!  i want to go to sleep, but i’m hooked!

one more episode later, the Cyclon ships are blown sky-high, Cain and Adama finally chill out, everyone’s psyched over this victory, and things are left at a tense yet acceptable truce.  nobody assassinates anyone.  until the Cyclon prisoner on the Pegasus (a #6 model, the same one that inhabits Baltar’s mind) breaks free and shoots Cain in the head.  aaaahhhhh…relief.  she’s dead.  we went to sleep.  damn Galactica.  i love you.

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  1. January 10, 2007 at 3:02 pm

    CRack Kills – yopu knopw that – or will anyway

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