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the magic number

i’m a dork about patterns in numbers.  i generally indulge this odd behavior in the car, when i find meaning in the odometer and trip counter.  we’re not talking about things like hitting 40,000 or 44,444 or 42,424, which are momentous occassions rather than moments of serendipidous delight.  a number like 39,811 is an alright pattern.  the logic can be completely whacked in order to achieve the pattern.  i can employ addition/subtraction/multiplication/division/square/root to make the pattern work – 39188 [(3*=9)-1=8*1=8].  if i new more math and calculus, this could get really nice and screwy.

for the past 2 years, i’ve deleted my gmail spam folder every few days.  gmail lets you know how many unopened spam messages you have at any given time – just like how many unopened messages in your inbox and how many saved drafts.  that running count always bugged me, and so every few days i would either delete the spam folder or mark all the spam messages as ‘read’ so that i could have a clean and organized email pane. 

well, last month i began to wonder just how much spam i normally receive.  i decided to stop deleting my spam, and to leave it all unread.  on july25, i hit the ‘momentous occassion’ number of 1000 unread spam messages.  i of course surpassed that moments later when the window refreshed, but not before i managed to capture a screenshot.

1000 isn’t really such a big deal – it’s easy to replicate at any moment (unlike on a car when a mile marker is hit just once (unless you surpass 1mil miles and restart the odometer). it was more of a watershed moment – lookie ma! i done got 1000 mails!  i just liked the clean look of the even number.  ultimately, it appears that my spam averages around 1030 messages on a daily basis (gmail deletes spam more than 30 days old).  i don’t really care if i end up w/ more or less, since they go straight to my spam folder – unless, of course, i get them in my inbox first.  now that would just be wrong.

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