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battlestar galactica is video-speak for crack

have you ever watched battlestar galactica? i’ll be the first to say that it’s fantastic – probably some of, if not, the best tv on right now. definitely one of the best series i’ve ever seen. once i started watching back in march, i spent just about any available moment watching. when i watched the pilot episodes (almost 4 hours), i couldn’t stop and had to watch a few of the first episodes. that was at 2am w/ work the next day. luckily i gained an ounce of self-control and managed to restrain myself thereafter to one video per day, to be watched on the 50 min train ride home from work.

i have now finally managed to get my lady to watch. she agreed to watch it a long time ago, but didn’t really have the time until 2 days ago to start watching. and so with the surge of adrenaline that comes with the knowledge that you’re about to create an addict and a perpetual client, i got m’lady to watch the pilot episodes of battlestar galactica. due to the nature of galactica, i knew that just watching the pilots wouldn’t be enough – noooo, i knew she’d have to have more. i loaded the entire season1 onto my computer as well. and i was right – the only words that came out of her mouth during the entire viewing were: “this is really good” (after watching for 2 hours), and “i want to watch more” (as soon as the pilot was over, at about 1am).

upon waking up yesterday morning, we ate breakfast and went right back to bed to watch just about the entire season. we sat through 10 episodes yesterday, all back to back. my eyes felt like they were melting out of my head by the time we finished at 8p. i don’t think i’ve watched that much tv in about 10 years. do you know how dumb you feel after watching that much video, regardless of how good it is? i figured the best way to refresh myself was by reading, but as that wasn’t going to happen on a saturday night, i went w/ the second best option: 1.5 glasses of yellowtail merlot, 1 michilada at vivo’s, 4 drinks of bourbon whisky on the rocks. yeaahhhh.

the lady will be back from her daytrip to houston by around 9ish. we’ll watch the last 2 episodes of season 1 then. and surely the start of season 2 immediately after… 🙂

oh – and i’m a total moron for not having caught this (though my future mrs. picked up on it right away) – commander adama! the word adama in hebrew means ground, or earth. the remnants of humanity in this show are searching for the mythical Earth to be their new home. how many other nuggest are hidden in this show that i’ve missed?

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