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apple airport express #2

i bought an airport express pretty much the day it came out, some 2 years ago. it was (and still is) such a wonderful answer to the issues plaguing my home office. whenever i would bring my laptop home, i’d have to plug it into the ethernet cord, the speakers, the printer, the power cord, and the usb hub. that’s a lot of wires – it was ugly and kind of annoying. though the airport express couldn’t fix everything, it did a darn good job.

the airport express is a wireless access point – you plug in your ethernet cable and it makes good ol’ wifi (both 802.11 b and g flavors). it also allows you to keep a pair of powered speakers plugged into it, as well as a usb printer. itunes then streams your music through the airport express and through the speakers – so you could effectively be anywhere w/in wireless range of the airport express and listen to your music through speakers w/o having to plug them into the computer. the printing works the same way. it was absolutely fantastic.

i’ve moved twice since i bought that airport express, and my house is now larger than my studio apartment was. i therefore bought another airport express this week (w/ an apple giftcard – awesome present!) to extend the range of my wireless network, as well as to provide two wireless speaker points. so now i have wireless speakers in the office, and will (one of these days) have a set of speakers in the living room. that will rock for parties, as well as for watching movies (airfoil from rogue amoeba allows you to stream any audio over your airport express, not just itunes as per apple’s restrictions. the software costs $25 – a bit high in my opinion, but a great app nonetheless. mac and windows flavors).

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