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uchi – chic and delicious

uchi’s been open in austin for some time now, but i’ve never shared any stories about it. we’ll be dining there tomorrow night in celebration of the future-mrs.’ first public lecture on tax law (to a packed room of 350, no less!)

uchi opened up a bit over a year ago, i think, in a former home on south lamar. they’ve hippified it, so you feel uber-cool when you arrive. the exterior is painted red clapboard, and the front of the restauraunt/bldg is shielded from the street by a bamboo screen, creating an outdoor seating area (not for dinner, but rather as a waiting area and extension of the bar). there’s a quite nice concrete tub built up against the bldg that serves as a fountain, it’s quite easy to see them adding ambiance w/ candles or flowers or leaves floating in it. wonderful hanging spheres of twigs are lit from the inside by dim lights.

the inside is all red and brown, a very graphic take on japanese floral prints. everybody around you in this restaurant is beautiful, so you feel as though you walk amongst the gods. lest you feel that you’re merely a player at the latest scene, uchi is a wonderful restaurant. the wine selection is great, and the food is dynamite. sushi can be sushi, but here it is both delicious and beautifully arranged and presented. it almost hurts to pick the food off the plate and eat it. also especially fun is the hot rock, where you can sear your own fish or meat on a 500degree stone.

uchi calls for casual dress, so jeans or slacks and a nice shirt or even jacket will do. uchi tends to be pricey, but it is well worth the occassional splurge.


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