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gizmo, skype, you name it : VoIP

i wish i could take part in this fun game called VoIP or PC-to-PC or PC-to-landline or whatever. i’ve got skype (which finally has video for mac)! i’ve got gizmo (which now provides unlimited calls to mobile and landline phones [w/ some restrictions])! i’ve got yahoo (which also finally added video for mac)! i’ve got ichat (which has video and voice for ages, but only works on a mac!)! i’d even install sightspeed, aim, and msn. problem is, practically none of my friends or family ever use any of these programs. of the friends that do use the programs, none of them are online w/ any degree of frequency to make a chance of reaching them reliable. and really, why would anyone use it when we have free long distance on our mobile and landlines?

we all know that voice and video will ultimately all be carried by broadband or some other digitized method, it’s just a matter of time. so why the urge to use it now? why do i want so badly (let’s not get too carried away) to talk to somebody over my computer? maybe so that everything can be in one place? probably moreso just b/c it seems cool and novel. there’s really no cost-saving in it for me at this point. oh well.

if anybody reading this does have any desire to download any of these programs and chat, here are the respective links (personally, gizmo is my favorite).

gizmo:Call me!

skype:My status

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