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CORRECTION: at which hotel to stay?

alright, we’ve changed our minds about where to stay for our honeymoon while in buenos aires. we’re down to these two boutique hotels – bobo hotel and home hotel. they’ve both been written up in the nytimes, conde nast traveler hot list, and numerous other locations. they’ve consistently gotten rave reviews. david byrne just stayed at bobo last month. we’ve secured reservations at both hotels – a suite at home hotel or the Pop room at bobo.

while bobo is quite a bit cheaper than home, they’re both significantly cheaper than our original reservation at the four seasons. i personally really like home hotel, but bobo has way more reviews on traveladvisor.com (38 to home’s 11), and the pictures for the hotel are overall more convincing for bobo. both hotels get rave reviews on tripadvisor, so it’s kind of a situation where you just pick the one you hope to be better (there just happen to be more reviews for bobo over home, it’s not a positive/negative thing). one thing i picked up on from tripadvisor’s reviews, though, was that you tend to hear a lot of noise from the street and restaurant while at bobo.

my feelings are this: it’s our honeymoon. even tho they’re both nice, let’s go for the suite at home hotel. we’re still saving a whole lot of $ over our original reservation. at home, we’ll be getting an in-room jacuzzi, a private terrace, a kick-ass modern suite w/o all the trappings of your typical corporate hotel. if we were to go w/ bobo and the pop room (instead of the argentina room [which was booked], their suite as we’d hoped [only $130/night!] ) we’d still be dealing w/ the noise and a lesser room. don’t misunderstand the noise issue, btw – everyone who mentions it still raves about the hotel. my feeling is that i’d deal w/ the noise if we had the suite – but w/o that, it’s just a kind of cool room at a cool hotel. this is our honeymoon – let’s get it all.

home hotel: http://www.homebuenosaires.com/home/

bobo hotel: http://www.bobohotel.com/

any comments on where to stay are welcome.

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  1. July 16, 2006 at 6:20 pm

    you mean, “at which hotel to stay”

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