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12 mile ride

i rode my bike yesterday for exercise. i think that standing outside for more than 5 minutes could have been considered exercise as the temp was high 90’s. so in that blazing heat i decided to ride my new bike for a while. i started out in the neighborhood (i live off 50th st) and rode west to guadalupe to check out the new housing development called the triangle. it’s nicely new urbanist, w/ ground level retail, brownstone looking facades, and what will actually become streets. it’s not huge, but it sits at the triangle of land (get it? triangle!) at the meeting of guadalupe and lamar, two highly trafficked streets. i’m sure loads of students will end up here.

then i rode a little south and back east along 45th st, crossed over I-35 (not the ‘inter-regional’ as the retarded vicecity guide to austin calls it – i won’t link to that horrendous city guide), and then wove my way down through east austin till i got to cesar chavez (1st st). i stopped off at the SNAP House on my way down to check on the reconstruction progress. the house should be livable by the end of august. it’s already been connected to the City of Austin electric grid, though it’s apparently still waiting on plumbing. loads of other city permits and inspections need to occur before we can start pouring juice from the PVs back into the grid. so bureaucratic.

i nearly had a poboy at gene’s in east austin (just down the street from long branch inn), which i’ve been meaning to try for a while. i decided instead to make my way home and save some cash. of course as i started making my way north on red river, the lady gave me a call and said she’d be getting out of work an hour later. being as i was basically downtown, and she’d ridden her bike to work, i decided to hang out and we’d bike back together.

i made my way down to town lake to ride the hike and bike trail, by way of red river past the convention center. i was going to take the waller creek trail, which actually descends to creek level, but the trail turned to brush and gravel – i was not taking my new bike w/ its skinny non-trail loving tires on that. so i turned around, ascended to street level, realized that there was no way i was going to be able to ride all the way back home (uphill the whole way) in one hour’s time w/o some yum-yum in my tum-tum. lo and behold – i was standing right next to ironworks bbq, a great bbq dive i’d been meaning to try for years.

ironworks bbq is a shack/house/foundry build in the 1870’s, i believe. it was the workshop of a german blacksmith whose artistry graces the state capitol bldg, various old homes, and assorted locations. the smithy stayed on as a family business through 1977, and ironworks opened the following year. there is no AC, just lots of fans. the roof is cooled by a spray of water. very cool (haha) though it would be better if they recirculated that water instead of draining it into the creek. and how was the food? fantastic. certainly some of the best bbq i’ve had down here in austin. the sandwich was thick w/ fresh sliced brisket, dripping w/ sauce and pickles. and bbq is not complete unless complemented by some RC cola – hot damn! it really hit the spot.

w/ that energy sandwich digesting in my belly, i was ready for the 4 mile ride back home. faaaaantastic.

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