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bob – the ripoff

June 3, 2006 4 comments

i found this product at the brookstone store at DFW airport last weekend. this product is such a complete ripoff of bob & weebl, a great flash webtoon that i’ve visited off and on for roughly 4 yrs. weebl and bob are two egg-looking things. they wobble. here is an egg shaped product called bob. according to the sign, he wobbles. eerie coincidence? i think not. RIPOFF. unless of course the makers of weebl and bob licensed this. but i kind of doubt it.

oh, and weebl and bob love pie. i think this clock would shortcircuit if it ate pie. i don’t even know how it could eat pie. unless it really was bob.  here is a direct link to the first weebl and bob short, and below is the same short on youtube (though the soundtrack was changed from the original)

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penn station bathroom

June 3, 2006 2 comments

sooo, as i continue to rant on the inadequacies i continually find with NY’s culture of maintenance, let me present to you: the paper towel dispensers in penn station’s men’s bathroom! i can only document this positively for the last 6 months, though i know this has been the state of affairs for longer.

here’s what the LIRR is telling its patrons: you are a bunch of schlubs who will take whatever we will give you, no questions asked. you deserve no better than a roll of paper suspended from a garbage bag hanging on a screw and an air freshener. all this from penn station, the hub of NY mass transit!

and here’s what the LIRR riders are telling MTA and the LIRR: you can do whatever you want, b/c we won’t say a thing. we’ve limited any degree of expectation we may have had regarding your level of customer service, because you continue to fail in that regard. your train attendants are usually rude, crude, and have a minimal command of the english language. likewise, we don’t expect you to keep a bathroom (the only one in penn station, mind you) sanitary or civilized looking in any way, shape or form. that constant stench of urine from people missing the urinals? hey, it’s a bathroom! those stall doors that have been hanging by one hinge for 6 months? hey, i wouldn’t take a dump here anyway (that’s b/c the toilets are covered in piss and shit, and there are no sanitary toilet covers – no, really!).

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overflowing trash

June 3, 2006 1 comment

this is what i see every morning when awaiting the 2/3 express train at penn station every morning. i watch people play jenga w/ their newspapers, coffee cups, and other assorted trash. i can only imagine that it’s been going on for years – way longer than i’ve been witnessing it, surely. so with that overflowing image in mind, i wonder: why has the thought never crosses the MTA’s mind to add another trash bin? oh, yeah – b/c they’re morons.

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jewish mysticism is better than caffeine!

June 3, 2006 Leave a comment

now that i have a pretty good camera phone, i’ll be able to share some of the odd, shitty, cool, or funny things i see during the day. for instance, i saw this energy drink on sale at a duane reade in penn station this past week. after taking the picture, a woman stopped me and asked in disbelief whether or not i had actually taken a picture of bottled water. ‘yes’, i told her, ‘but not just any water – it’s magic holy water, blessed by a rabbi!’

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